SOCIETY LIES #1 : The Bad Boy Real Effect

Bad boys.
They have that magical allure and magnetic pull that girls cannot seem to resist. It is said that women would turn down men who are too nice and always available, but yearn for a man who is a bit standoffish, and kind of a jerk. Like being rather mean makes a man attractive. In fact, scientists and businessmen have categorized this phenomenon under the ‘scarcity principle.’ In other words, people often desire things that are quite difficult to obtain because we do not like to have our freedom limited; hence, we act before that happens. They relate this trend with that of items ‘on sale’, or ‘stock limited’ products, and the fact that many people would rush to buy such items before the ‘offer’ is taken off. We perceive that the less available things are of more importance compared to those in plenty. We even have people such as Michael of Vsauce (the famous YouTube scientist guy), insinuating that if you act more unobtainable and scarce, you can make yourself more desirable. That for you to get that girl, you will have to be less nice to her. This right here, in my society lies list, is society lie number one.

Listen boys, before you decide to be a jerk or continue being one, ask yourself this question: Do want to get her or keep her? The world has taught me that humans like new things, shiny toys, different and stimulating. We like attaining the ‘unobtainable’ and going after the most coveted items of them all. So yes, I admit that sometimes the female gender would desire such beings more often than not, but in reality, this is not really the case. Fundamentally, we females want people we can keep. And not as a trophy, but around the house and in our lives. We want strength, we want stability, we want loyalty, we want integrity. Women will choose this over ‘being cool’ and getting ‘the famous hot guy who is a jerk’ any day.

Fact out there is that women are intuitive. They are right. Even the most blonde, young, slow or girl-you-consider-dumb has some level of intuition. Most often than not, women know what we are getting ourselves into. This can be further explained by this tweet I read the other day:

“If her panties match her bra when you take her clothes off,
it wasn’t you who decided to have sex”

To put it simply, when you are jerk, and she still wants you, she knows what you are offering and she is okay with it. It could be because she views you as a challenge, or wants in for the thrill, or win an unsaid bet, or prove her seduction persuasion power, or wants to have something casual and exciting, and most likely temporary, with you. If you don’t know it yet, how you act and how you present yourself, gives evidence of what you can offer. Biologically and psychologically speaking, women can reproduce only a few times (and after a certain period of time), while men can produce almost infinitely if they want to; therefore, the females possess the nature of having to choose a partner from the many, whereas men find themselves being competitive, to come out on top. All in all, if you want to win the girl (and keep her), exposing your best qualities to her will win you more points than behaving like the incredible jerk. Being elusive may make you ‘mysterious’ and ‘intriguing’, but it will also make you ‘unreliable’, ‘insensitive’ and ‘untrustworthy’. Anyway, why would you want to be tied to a woman who likes being mistreated? Not only is that messed up, but it also implies that she would find it acceptable mistreating you back, if tables were turned. They tell you bad boys get the girls. What they don’t tell you is that most of the girls they get are psychos, because good girls won’t stay. So boys, men, choose wisely. When in search of that life partner or long-term relationship, don’t listen to the grapevine and this society lie. I suggest you put your best foot forward. Life has taught me, what you give, is what you will eventually get.

This is what they really mean...

This is what they really mean…


12 comments on “SOCIETY LIES #1 : The Bad Boy Real Effect

  1. I hear you… loud and clear..

  2. The danger of exposing one’s desperado antics multiples 100-fold. It is a win-lose situation. Go forward, move backward. Interesting piece.

  3. You literally read my mind…. Intact it baffles me how jerks get girls because personally, I find them repulsive….. Love the piece hun

    • IKR. It beats me. But also shows how messed up girls’ minds can be…choosing jerks over good guys. However, our gender population is getting more smart..

      Glad you loved the post girly! 🙂

  4. […] out of that girl you want to date or marry because it’s a competition out there! As I stated in HERE, due to women’s biology, we can only reproduce a few times and after periods of an estimate of […]

  5. This was amazing. You hit it right on the nose but of course you are a woman yourself. Especially the part about the matching underwear. LOLs! When I was younger I found it quite intriguing to fool around with the jerk. Often to only do a reverse of roles have them beg while I deny. Eventually, the thrill would be gone and I would be on to the next one. Since becoming a woman though and being with the same guy consecutively for the past 5 years. It is imperative that he treats me like a queen and I him like a king. Great read!

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