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Reasons I will marry a man who earns more than me…

Soooo…I have decided that every Tuesday, I will upload a post that is a list of 10. I found out that this helps me discover more about myself, keeps me on my feet, and well…I just love challenges, so not 5, not 6, not 7, but 10! I will call it ‘Ten Tuesday’!

List #1: 10 Reasons I will marry a man who earns more than me…

There is a reason I used ‘will’ and not ‘wanna’. In other words, this is not something I just wish to do and would not mind if it didn’t happen; this, is something I plan to follow through. Now I bet some of you are already talking about how women love money and blah blah blah gold-digger blah blah…but I have enough reasons to stand by this resolution. Read on, then tell me if I haven’t convinced you enough.

Yeah, this right here is NOT for me...

Yeah, this right here is NOT for me…

1. I believe I’m a hardworking woman. I like to plan my life and get things done. It would be nice to know that my husband is a bit more hardworking than I am. Men are providers and are supposed to be the head of the family and responsible beings. A man making more money than his wife, shows that he is all the above.

2. Which brings me to the ego issue… Men are egoistic beings. A wife who earns more than her husband does messes up with his ego; and even if they would not admit it, men are a bit intimidated by a woman who earns more than they do. This phenomenon will push him to be either of these two personalities. The said man will feel inferior and disrespected in public and in private. He may even start acting all subdued and the like. If not, the man will overdo his alpha habits and double his egoistic behaviours just to prove that he is the ‘Man of the house’. Heard of men who beat their wives, mistreats them or suppress their wives’ self-esteem just so they could feel superior? Yeah, both of these two outcomes are annoying.

3. Men who earn less than their wives are more likely to have high expectations and place more responsibilities on their wives. Since the lady has a bigger paycheck, the man would expect the lady to take care of more bills as a justification in their ‘partnership’. Oh no you wouldn’t. I want my man virile and in-charge. I would not let my salary figures make the man I marry lazy. I refuse.

4. I want my man to spoil me. I want him to buy me gifts, take me to places, and surprise me with stuff. I mean how else am I supposed to feel materialistically cherished?? However, a man who earns less than me would probably want to invest and save more so as to try and make more than me. He will be hesitant to buy me stuff because he thinks I already have them or that I can buy them for myself, you know, since I got more money. For this reason, I will marry a man who has a bigger income than I do. I would definitely not want to be in the way of my husband’s romantic- and maybe expensive- gestures.

I can already picture my sweet loving- and generous- husband...

I can already picture my sweet loving- and generous- husband…

5. I do not want my marriage to be a competition! If I earn more than my husband, he might take this as a challenge and may turn into that guy who competes financially and professionally with his wife. I do not want my husband to ever feel that he needs to prove himself.

Cause it's gonna get Naaaaasty... *smirks*

Cause it’s gonna get Naaaaasty… *smirks*

6. So I am considered to be quite intimidating sometimes. I am that lady who is not afraid to speak up, contribute, debate, participate, and most of all, ask for what she wants. All this considered, add my salary on top (and yes I plan to make lotsa money), a man earning less than me could be quite intimidated. I do not want a man I can wrap around my finger, the type that would dance according to my whim and fancies. I want a MAN- all man. A man who is on top of his game, a man who makes his own decisions, a man who is confident and who demands respect…and for some reason, successful men tend to have these qualities.

7. Men like to feel needed (and wanted of course). I have a feeling my husband will feel nice to be needed by his wife and kids: both emotionally and financially. If my husband earns less than I do, I would be compelled to pay more bills and buy more stuff, and in the end, the kids (and myself) will depend more on me, than my husband.

8. I would not want to cheat on my husband. I plan to be a faithful and loyal wife. If my husband is not more successful than I am, I might someday be attracted to a man who is.

9. I would NOT want my husband to cheat on me. A man who earns less than I do may be tempted to cheat on me with a woman who earns less than he does because she makes him feel superior.

10. And my last reason (yeah, I bet you didn’t think I would get to ten huh)… Imagine me appearing in Forbes, and my husband…not! Yeah, that would not go down well.

As you can see, I have reasons enough not to marry below me. I’m sorry, I just would not; and if I did, there would be no one to blame but me when my man starts to act undesirably.


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