Men are an integral part of our society. We appreciate their presence because they represent strength and safety. They (should) protect and provide for their families, as well as carry the heavy items when we are moving things around the house. I remember when I wanted to go to the shops at night, I would take my bigger-in-size-but-younger-in-age brother with me because he made the to and fro trip a lot safer. It is also a recognized fact that in the communities of the living inhabitants of planet earth, males are known to pamper their females. Especially with human beings, a man is often expected to ‘treat his woman like a princess’ and as a precious gift. However, it has been noted that not many of them do this of late, and I, am here today to tell men out there that she is worth it. Here are TEN reasons why she deserves to be pampered. They are things we probably know, but some of our male counterparts seem to need a reminder.

1. The first reason is pretty obvious: You should pamper her to show her that you love and adore her. Yes you tell her that you love her, but it won’t matter much if you don’t follow up those words with actions. What is it different that you do for her that you don’t do for the other girls? How else can you show her (and the world) that she matters to you and that you are loyal to her- and no other girl? Take her out, buy her flowers, spend time with her, and once in awhile, do the things she likes to do. History shows that watching a romantic comedy or helping her cook a meal has never killed a male before.

2. Spoil your woman silly because she makes an effort. She gets all dolled up, dresses up, learns about your likes and dislikes, gets you gifts on your birthday, and even goes ahead to learn more about football (and your favorite team), and occasionally watches it with you because you enjoy it. Well, relationships are a give and take. So pamper her because she tries to pamper you in her own ways.

3. The other reason you should treat her with excessive indulgence is to express gratitude. Get her her favorite music album because she cooks your favorite meals every weekend. Talk and listen to her because she makes you laugh. Give her a kiss because she ironed your shirt. Appreciate her because she took care of you when she got sick. Show her that you are thankful to have her in your life. Pampering her screams “Thank you” a lot louder.

4. Love and spoil her because she gives birth! Yes, this is more than reason enough to mollycoddle the mother of your kids (present or future). The ability to perform this deed is not fun and easy. Carrying a baby for 9months then going through labour before s/he is pushed out of her vulva, is not an effortless task. So care for her because she is not only the mother of your kids, but also because the particular act of becoming a mother can be a pain in the ass (not-anatomically- literally of course!) That way, she will have another reason to go through the pain, because you (and your sperm) will be worth it.

5. Treat your lady right because if you don’t, she will leave- or worse, cheat on you with that man who does. This one is pretty straightforward really. If you do not care and adore the woman you claim for exclusivity, she will leave you and find somebody who will. So give her a reason to stay. No, your dashing good looks and the big car you drive is not reason enough.

6. Which brings me to the next point: Pamper and court the hell out of that girl you want to date or marry because it’s a competition out there! As I stated in HERE, due to women’s biology, we can only reproduce a few times and after periods of an estimate of nine months; while psychologically, we can only give our all to one man at a time. For this reason, we are compelled to choose a candidate who is worthy of our dedication, morning sickness and labour pains. In other words, you are one among her options. You are not the only one who is courting her, nor are you the only one she is contemplating settling down with. You want to know the secret that will win her over? Know her, love her, Pamper her.

7. You have to pamper her because that is what she expects, and it’s what is expected of you. Yes, us girls are raised as princesses, being pampered by our kings of a dad, while our brother, the prince, not so much. Girls grow up expecting to be romanced by men who claim to love them, whereas men grow up knowing that they would have to court her to get her. This is why we have phrases like ‘damsel in distress’ and not ‘lad in distress’; ‘knight in a shining armour’ and not ‘Dame in a shining armour’. So get in line.

8. Treat your partner right because that shows that you respect her. You respect her as a human being, you respect her as a female, and you respect her as your relationship-accomplice.

9. Treat your woman right because your mother taught you better! I mean, I do not understand how we have so many mamas boys but a lot less men who treat their girlfriends right! I mean, where do you learn how to mistreat your women??? Didn’t your mother teach you better? Didn’t your mother coddle you and shower you with love? That’s how you treat your lady, like your mother- or rather most mothers- treated your father. Ummh, with the exception of the famous Nyeri women -_-

10. Pamper her because the superior being up there declared you should. To those who believe in religion, it is the duty of a husband to pamper his wife (Adam and Hawa/Eve style). And as for those who believe in the evolution theory, who do you think went out there into the wilderness to hunt, gather and fight off lions to keep the family fed and safe? So yeah, check your e-mails.

I didn’t say you should become her slave…however, giving her a pedicure with your shirt off is also advised ^_^

*If the above points aren’t enough reasons for a man to treat her girlfriend right…then he should probably be gay. ^_^


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