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Yes, I admit that women (and I mean all of them, ladies, girls, chics, niggettes, chiles, madem) are quite a complicated and tricky bunch that are pretty hard to understand, or so people say. Unlike men, who are direct and to the point when they have something to express, women well…they kinda expect you to read their minds.

When a man is angry, he’ll most likely say he is and why (or hit a wall if not break a table) and when he’s happy, he’ll do it with a grin on his face. In other words, they are not very good actors. Now when a woman is angry, that’s another thing all together. They will probably start acting different and not tell you why because “you should know”. What they will do is drop clues hinting what they feel and expect you to see through them. And yes, today’s your lucky day, I’m here to spill the beans!

  1. She’ll stop Talking to you: She wouldn’t ask you questions, start a conversation or call, like she usually did. I know men say we talk too much, but trust me; you wouldn’t enjoy this particular silence.
  1. Short Answers: Whenever you ask her a question, she will answer you in short statements with this ‘duuh’ look on her face. Especially if she usually has quite a lot to say… P.s: we all do with people we love.
  1. The Long Wait: If you text her, she’ll take forever to reply, with no particular reason..
  1. Women are known to not ‘know’ what they want, which by the way is completely false, but…that’s a topic for another day. My point is, when they ask you something, they’ll probably not be satisfied with your answer so they’ll ask another question. But, when you text her back an answer and she goes like ‘ok bye’ or ‘yeah sure’ or just plain ‘K’…Yes, she is angry as a bag of wasps!
  1. She’ll be Mean: No she would not let you have the things she usually lets you have. If she does, it will be for a brief moment. And if you are her guy, it goes without saying; you wouldn’t be getting some that night!
  1. And the most famous and my most favorite of them all, Sarcasm! When she goes all Sheldon-Cooper on you, oh yeah, you have definitely, with no cherry on top, pissed her off! And for those who haven’t had the privilege to watch Big Bang Theory, she’ll use sharp and often satirical or ironic utterance designed to cut or give pain. Mercilessly.

Well yeah, that’s generally it. And if I were you, I would NOT ask the question, “Are you mad?” or “What’s wrong”. I’d just start apologizing and maybe hug her from behind (That way it’s safe.  xD ) then start trying to find out what in the hell you did. But I’m not you.

Well, the most reasons why women get pissed is when they find out that you lied about something or you kept a certain thing from her, or you were a bit inconsiderate in something you said or did, well at least according to her. Some advice for you, Don’t Lie. She’ll find out eventually.

Men, don’t make your lady mad. That way you wouldn’t try to figure out if she’s mad or not. And to the ladies, ok fine, our men can be quite annoying at times, but don’t we just love them. Maybe we could give them enough hints, and when they still don’t get it, just tell them! Oh and to the men, if you actually get that she’s mad before she actually tells you, you will be forgiven way faster than if she tells you first. Don’t ask me why, imma end up starting another whole post!




  1. Am back to the drawing board sasa with this new tips…thnx Zelly n hope u n ur ‘folks’ understand the pain/disttess ‘we’ go thru at such periods..

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