Maybe I believed him

At the coffee shop...

At the coffee shop…

He told me I was amazing, intelligent, and beautiful.
He also told me he liked the way I dressed.
Thank God he didn’t use words like ‘hot’ and ‘cool’.
But it was pretty clear he was impressed.
And guess what, I believed him.

I believed him because I know it’s true (yup, I like to think myself a mix of Einsten and some pretty fair-skinned, silky long-haired Mexican woman everywhere…)
I also believed him because the day he told me, we were having coffee somewhere,
And we talked about everything under the sky.
He did not spend half his time trying to get me to ‘do things’.
He did not want things from me. Yet (I guess).
But I believed him because he had a genuine smile and laughed at the right times.
I believed him because it was the first date and I didn’t pay a dime.
Cause that’s how it’s supposed to be;
No matter how many times we had texted and talked on phone.
He brought me flowers and kissed me on the cheek.
He made me laugh, and wanted to know about me.
No he did not mind that I could sometimes be a geek.
In fact, he thought it was kinda cute; he wanted to see…
He wanted to see me more often and inside my soul he wanted to take a peek.
He was sweet in person; just like he was on the telephone.
I believed him, because I don’t think somebody could lie for that long…

Or maybe I believed him because he was good-looking,
And that I couldn’t take my eyes off him.
Maybe I believed him because I wanted him to believe it.
Maybe I believed him because I, wanted to believe it.
That I was everything he said I was.
Not that I doubted him…much,
Cause, you know, he said it without a pause,
When he uttered those words and gave me that rose.
But maybe I was just glad he thought so because,
I didn’t want him to use me then toss
Me, like a piece of rough paper ripped from a notebook. No I didn’t want to feel such a loss.
Because I know how that feels like; Miserable. Draining. Comatose.
More than once, I’d had my fair share of that dose.
But maybe it had been awhile since I wanted someone that close.
Someone who smelled nice and was polite, not at all gross,
Someone who said such words to me of course. 🙂

But then again, maybe I believed him just because.

By Zelly


4 comments on “Maybe I believed him

  1. Love love love it….It is very honest as Shiku says…

  2. this is so awesome love it

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