Being a blogger, there’s one thing you are certain to receive: Feedback. Which btw I am- more often than not- usually super glad to get. Sometimes, this feedback comes in form of questions. And it seems that my ability to stand up for my beliefs and convictions in the face of ‘adversity’ has garnered up quite a number of them. So in today’s post, I will get to answer a few of the questions that I was asked in the past week by some of my readers.

Question: You never run out of women issues to talk about.
Me: You have no idea. You’d be surprised how many more I have to go.

Question: How comes you mostly focus on the bad, the challenges, and not much of the good?
Me: The only focus I’d give to the good is to appreciate it, however, the bad is what needs to be put on the spotlight, because it needs to be changed. The bad is what affects people the most, the bad is what breaks someone and sadly, the bad is what people often pretend to be oblivious about.

Question: Is it that you have experienced everything you tell off or talk about?
Me: On the contrary no. I just can’t seem to help it when I see it around me. When it gets to me, as a person and as a female, I have to call it out the best way I can: Write about it.

Question: You talk about women a lot.
Me: Yup, I seem to have a knack for rooting for the underdog. Lol

Question: Why do you bring up these differences, I thought we were progressive people. Aren’t we supposed to be equivalent, and live cordially…
Me: Well, that is exactly why I do what I do. Because even though we claim to be progressive people, we are not. So here I am, using this platform to emphasize on the equivalence. To remind the society the reasons why we should be cordial to each other.

Due to these questions, I dedicate this Ten Tuesday Post to the reasons behind why I chose to focus and blog about women and the issues affecting them. I hope the above, and the below declarations, will answer some of your questions. So why do I blog about it?

1. I blog to give inspiration to young women, for them to be the best they can be, and because as far as some of their mindsets go, they definitely need this. I hope to make more women believe in themselves, realize their potential, and recognize the power they have.

2. I blog to make others understand women better; to let them into how we think.

3. I blog to give a voice to the challenges facing the majority, or minority, of women. As well as, to give solutions to some of these challenges.

4. I blog to give hope and strength to the women undergoing such challenges.

5. I blog to let other women know that they are not alone. That others experience the same things they do, and that they have a choice and chance to improve or change their situations.

6. I blog to inform and change people’s perceptions about issues affecting women.

7. I blog to prevent more misunderstanding, mistreatment, and deprivation of emotional, physical, psychological or societal necessities.

8. I blog to increase compassion and empathy in the society. To make us remember our humanity.

9. I blog because these issues affecting women bug the hell out of me, and it seems I lack the ability to just watch them without pointing them out, or saying something about it.

10. I blog because not only do I have the talent to put certain words together to send these particular messages, I also want to share the lessons I have received and learnt, to my fellow females.

For more information, read the ABOUT page. Yes, this is what this particular site is about; if you want to read about hollywood or local gossip and stories that keep up with the Kardashians, you will be sorely disappointed.

Do Enjoy!


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