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Ten Reasons I like the ‘Nerea’ Song

The "cast"

The “cast”

Life without my laptop has been hard. For The last- close to- two weeks, my beloved machine had issues and I had to take it for repair…but finally, it’s alive people! For that reason, I have been well-reacquainted with pen and paper and I have to say…not bad. So here is my Last week Ten Tuesday List (which I had earlier written on paper…) Everybody is talking about it, I might as well do.

Ten Reasons I like the Nerea Song

  1. The beautiful guitar intro. The notes, perfectly strung, with a graceful tempo and soulful tune that gets the listener looking forward to the rest of the billboard-worthy song. (Big up Polycarp!)
  2. The tone variation from one singer’s voice to another- from Bien’s and Josh’s tenor, to Delvin’s baritone, to Willis’s bass… It was amazingly executed and blended very well throughout the song.
  3. Amos and Josh are in it! I totally love this duo. During Project Fame Season 6, I enjoyed every single performance of theirs and rooted for them through the whole show. I still am their biggest fan! Beyond question, their presence is calming and pleasurable. You see them, and you are just sure you will enjoy whatever they will do to the song.
  4. Everybody loves Sauti Sol, especially after the upbeat Sura Yako. They have been continuously releasing beautiful songs that many enjoy and sing along to. After Sura Yako, I really wondered if their next song could beat that, and I’m relieved to say that the quartet did not disappoint.
  5. Amos and Josh handled the adlibs remarkably well. I constantly find myself going all Mariah Carey whenever the two do that thing they do with their voices. The trilly parts of Nerea (especially Amos’s) made the song a lot more sensual and tasteful.
  6. The instrumental bit of the song is lovely! The tune of both the instruments and the vocals was an immediate hit. I’ve had the song on replay for the last 2 weeks!
  7. The Message! I am glad that they made public that men also have some say in the abortion issue, which affects a large part of our youth. That the responsibility of a baby should not just be left on the women. That men should own up to their unborn babies and vow to take care of them. What men may not know is that most women abort not because they do not want the baby, but because the ‘sperm-donor’ doesn’t want it. The young women may not be ready to raise it alone and would rather not have it at all. They see the kid (and the pregnancy, and childbirth)as a burden. However, if more men would take responsibility of the unborn, and declare that they want the baby and commit to contribute in taking care of it when born, then there will be less child terminations in this world.
  8. They all looked gorgeous in white! Yes I loved the video clip. Their outfits were on-point, the instruments sleek and bold, and the use of the kids very smart. Even though the venue of choice looked like an abandoned building-basement, they made it work. The white plastered-walls, the white steps, and the white strip of a ceiling gave the place an edge.
  9. The song had a mini-orchestra! In addition, it was made of talented young persons. They handled the cello and violins wonderfully and even though it was all just string instruments, it was pretty sassy and classy.
  10. The kids in the video were adorable! They had great acting skills and instagram-worthy smiles that made the whole video super incredible. (On that note, my instagram identity is @misszaynah, and I do not mind followers at all) As I was saying, I kept watching out for which kid would represent which famous people mentioned in the song. You have to admit, the resemblance in each was uncanny: especially Lupita, Jaramogi Odinga, Nyerere and Kagame! So adorable.

P.S. Did you notice that only #teamBrownskin was in shorts… xD



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