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Women, Days and Habits

UNIFIL Malaysian women peacekeepers

UNIFIL Malaysian women peacekeepers

Yesterday was International Women’s Day!

This is day dedicated to celebrate women, their achievements and their contribution to humankind. During this day, people are meant to reflect on the progress women have made in the society. It is viewed as a time to call for necessary change, as well as, to create awareness around issues and challenges affecting women. You know how many they are. It is also a day when we acknowledge the acts of courageous and determined women (bless their hearts) who have played a big role in their communities and in history. International Women’s day is a day devoted to remind the world how valuable and incredible women are, and how we should appreciate them. Cause obviously, the world needs an annual reminder. If it was up to me, I’d make this day a monthly event. Scratch that, a weekly one. Yes: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and International Women’s Day.

It’s rather interesting how diversely different groups and countries celebrate this day. We have those who assign themes to the day for sustainable causes like the UN, in Manila some gather on the eve of this day to release sky-lanterns into the air (you know the ‘floating lights’ in the movie Tangled), and we have countries like Turkey where women go out in rallies shouting slogans and carrying all kinds of women-related posters and signs. It’s a day when women feel that solidarity- which for some unknown reason they don’t feel every other day. Nevertheless, it’s another good day to be a woman, counting the famous Valentine’s day and Mothers day. (Did you know we have International Widows’ Day? It’s on the 23rd June. Now you do.)

Being a women’s day, it is only fair that I say something about women, and our implausible personality. No I’m not going to talk about how women are capable beings and qualified enough to make a positive impact in our society- economically and politically. We already know that. I do not have to mention the female Presidents, the Queens, the amazing First ladies, the female CEOs, all those women in all the other professions, as well as, that stay-at-home mum who keeps the family and home together. If in 2016 you are still on the other side of the argument talking negatively about women’s political, economic, and social equality; if until this day you are unsupportive of your sister, wife, daughter, mother, and still have the audacity to look down upon your female colleagues, then I don’t know what to say to you. Other than: Wake up and smell the coffee! If you didn’t get the memo, then you’re sleeping on your job.

No, I’m not going to talk about the serious stuff today. I am celebrating women, and how far they have come. Hence, I want to shed some light to a few of the least-understood habitual characteristics of many of our female kind. I’m in a festive mood and I’m feeling all philanthropic with information regarding the secrets behind some of these behaviours displayed by women. Yes, we are quite the extraordinary beings, needing twenty pillows on our beds, twice as many pairs of shoes, and thrice as many beauty products. We just do. And today, I will get to explain 5 things that the world does not seem to understand about women…

1. Why we need so many clothes, handbags, and shoes- No we are not serial hoarders; we just see the need to have that many skirts, and blouses, and dresses, and shoes, and handbags, and trousers. They say men are visual beings, apparently so are we. Sometimes we just cannot unsee or ignore that pretty dress or pair of heels on display. Especially if it’s on sale! Who knows when I would be invited to a particular event that needs that particular dress?! Plus we don’t have 30 pairs of shoes; we only have 2 pairs of sneakers, 2 pairs of backled shoes, 3 pairs of flats, 2 pairs of lace-ups, 2 pairs of peep-toes, 2 pairs of sandals, 3 pairs of boots, 4 pairs of pumps, a pair of tennis shoes, the shoes I was ‘gifted’ on my birthday and that pair of fancy gladiators. In matters related, we choose clothes depending on our moods, the kind of event, the people we’re going to hang out with, the weather, the topography, the altitude etc. Our outfits allow us to communicate without saying a word. Furthermore, that pretty jacket in that stall matches with like four of my outfits; of course I’ll buy it, even though I already have 7 jackets in my closet. If the world wants us to stop buying more clothes, they should stop creating new clothes lines and making new clothing!

2. Why we talk endlessly with our friends- even though we just saw them a day ago. Oh you do not know how much can happen in just a day. You see us women, are more perceptive and more receptive to emotional signals than men are. When a man attends an event, he will probably remember the friends he met and the food he ate. On the other hand, women remember Everything! Who was there, with whom, wearing what, and saying what about who. She will remember every single of her favorite songs that was played, how her shoes felt halfway through the event, the people she bumped into, what they talked about, what shoes they were wearing, who wore the new lipstick line, what hairstyle the host had on, what new gossip was dished out, how their neighbour seemed a bit drunk, how she made eye contact with her crush, the colour and taste of the new drink she tasted…I could go on forever. The thing is, women are emotional beings; and moments or memories attached to particular emotions are a lot harder to forget. That is why we remember what you did ten years ago. Not because of what you did specifically, but because of how it/you made us feel.

3. Why we take so long in the bathroom- and why we go in pairs. A bathroom is not just a place to pee, it’s a venue for a series of events. This is how it typically would go:
*walks into the bathroom laughing at a joke one of us made*
“Ooh pretty-looking sinks, and My Gowsh the size of that mirror!”
“I know! Look at the way the dark marble surface matches with the walls. I’d totally have that in my house.”
*Check ourselves out as we wait for everyone to go pee*
*Do some makeup touch-ups*
*Make sure our hair is still in place*
* Probably take bathroom selfies*
“That painting on the wall reminds me of nani’s house. You remember last month when we….
*Reminiscence on that house, its interior design, that friend and that day*
*Catch up on that event she did not attend*
*Comment on how nice the handwash smells and how soft it makes our skin*
*Compare it with the one at the last restaurant/hotel we went to*
*Discuss how hot the waiter serving us is*

“BTW I love you dress! It looks amazing on you.”
“Thanks. But I love your shoes more. Where did you get them?”
*Compliment each other on our choice of outfit and discuss where we bought each item*
*Confirm that we do not have any sauce stains on our clothes or salad between our teeth*
*A quick touch-up on our lipgloss before we head out*
30 minutes later…

4. Shopping is a social activity- and may even be a hobby. No we don’t just walk to the aisle or stall, grab something from the shelf or hanger, then head for the cashier. Shopping is an enjoyable activity. This is the time we get to check out new stuff, new trends, and match everything we see with an item in our closet (remember our good memory). It’s like a game and a pastime wrapped up in one. We have to try out all the clothes we liked in the shop and twirl in front of the mirror for a better visual effect- whether we will buy them all or not. We get to compare prices in the different shops, and note down things we’d want to buy the following month. Plus did you see that blue flowery skirt? It looked like what Eva Longoria wore in that show! And these shoes will totally go with the dress I plan to wear in that wedding. Oh no I don’t have black heels in my collection, we have to get me some nice black pair of heels. Nuuh, those ones are too big. Ooh ooh try these ones, they are a perfect height. Then let’s try out the denim overall and see how we look! Ooohh that sombrero is the one. It’s Leila’s birthday next month, and she’ll totally love this handbag!
Can you feel all the excitement?!

5. Why it takes us long to get ready to go out- or get ready for bed. Have you seen all the beauty products and hair-equipment on that dresser? Well, they all have to be used before we are ready to go out (and removed before we go to bed). We also have to pick out an outfit and the perfect shoes, handbag and jewelery to go with it. Of course I have to try out a series of outfits before I choose the one. Maybe I might remember how that fashion blogger used that belt to spice up her outfit. I wonder what Rhodah is wearing today?
*Calls Rhodah*
“Hey Rods. Are we doing skirts or jeggings today?”
*Discuss further on the clothes*
Several outfits later, we move on to our make-up and hair.
Considering the nail polish we have on doesn’t match that perfect outfit, and it’s 2 days old, we have no choice but to apply another colour. It’s a process: we have to remove the old polish, then clean our nails/hands, apply the base coat, wait about two minutes to dry, apply the first coat, wait another two minutes to dry, then apply the second coat and wait for it to dry completely. By this time your look is complete, so you probably take several selfies, select the best out of the a hundred you took and upload it on instagram, with a caption like “Going out with my girls (or bae). My eyebrows game still strong” then tag 25 of your instagram friends.
An hour later…



Random Fact: The base coat nail polish prevents dark polishes from staining the nail and can help fortify nails.

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Life happens.

Everybody knows that right… A lot of good things happen: promotions, births, lottery wins. Bad things happen too. I’m talking injuries, loss of property, death of a loved one. And these things tend to shape the people we become. To be more precise, the way these things affect us and the way we respond to them, shape the people we become. Why am I going all Plato on you? Because I’m trying to clarify to you (okay, who I’m I kidding: To Myself) why I haven’t written for awhile.

Life happened.

But duuh, life is supposed to happen. Life happens to everyone. So why exactly do I not write as much as I used to?

I let life happen to me.

You know how lotsa good things would happen to you, making you all happy and full of energy, later on one bad thing happens then Bam! everything starts feeling terrible and unbearable? That one bad thing that shakes the balance of your existence. The energy gets sucked right out of you and nothing is exciting anymore. You get to be happy but only for small snippets of your life, then the black-hole feeling swallows you up again. I’m not talking about depression, no. I’m talking about losing yourself, losing part of your soul, and losing sight of your goals. I’m talking about not participating in exciting things anymore because what’s the point, that happy feeling is going to be taken away eventually anyway. Maybe in a few days, maybe in a number of weeks, and if you’re lucky the universe will give you months.

No, I didn’t have writer’s block.

I never have writer’s block. No I’m serious, I’m not even bragging about it. In my world, that phrase does not exist. I can write something about anything. My mind is in a constant state of interpreting things and creating scenarios. Now whether I’m impressed with what I wrote or not, is another issue…

I just didn’t want to write.

And I love writing. Writing is my golden. [golden (n): anything that makes you so happy your insides cry of pure joy, and it feels like you’re on drugs but better because it’s a natural high]. However, I didn’t want my negative energy to affect my golden. Taint it. Turn my writing dark and redefine it. So I turned into this person who enjoyed her happy moments to the fullest; I yearned for them, and held tightly every single one of those instants to heart. I didn’t want to share them. I didn’t want to be distracted from them. The idea of writing became a distraction. Then the sad moments would crop up and I would blame my negative energy again.

I forgot why I write.

That’s the worst thing that can ever happen to a writer. Losing your motivation to write. It’s even worse than the mysterious writer’s block. I forgot how happy and fulfilling I felt when I write. I forgot how excited I get when I click on that ‘Post’ button on my blog. How I get to understand myself more every time I put my thoughts on paper. In this case, on an electronic device that carries out arithmetic and logical operations, and can store information. My writing is like a road-map that helps me find my way. Helps me discover new things. I also forgot how I challenge myself whenever I write something. All the stories I get to write, the thoughts I get to explore, and the beliefs I need to share. I forgot how I love and appreciate myself more every time I create something new. Something that no one else has (well, at least not in the same exact way I did). I forgot how my words affect the world around me. I forgot that life I touched. Or how I’d get into these arguments with people over the content of my blog posts. I forgot about my readers. How my friends and even people I don’t really know faithfully read my posts and comment about it. I forgot all the ‘I feel the same way’, ‘I’m glad I read that’, ‘that’s new’, ‘I totally enjoyed that’ and even the ‘I absolutely do not agree with all that’ opinions!

Even bad things come to an end.

Well, as I was going on with life, in the middle of my in-denial despair, I came across one of Chanyado’s posts. Forty minutes later, I was still reading her blog. There’s a way this lady tells a story. The way she uses words to describe situations is nothing short of amazing. She has this thing where she puts together a bunch of ordinary words and turns them into phrases that come alive. Yes, you can feel them bounce off the page and hit you over and over until you can’t help but react. Sentences that have so much soul, and which bring out all sorts of emotions out of a reader. She reminded me the reasons why I write. She unintentionally scolded me for denying myself that part of me that brings me joy. My golden. And I got to learn that sometimes, I just have to write what I can, to get to write what I want or need.

Life happens to us.

That should never stop you from doing something that makes you happy, things that you really love. Especially if it’s something that makes even the tiniest difference in your life or other people’s. You enjoy swimming? Go ahead and splash around despite the losses you incurred from your shares. You love your job? The endless traffic and your mean supervisor aren’t good enough reasons to not do it, and do it well. You like baking? Well don’t let that bad break-up stop you. Sometimes the one thing you’re running from is the one thing that can bring light into the darkness we sometimes find ourselves in. Plus anyway, life will forever be happening. That is what it does. Life happens.

Nevertheless, it hasn’t been all that bad a thing. Yeah I couldn’t find it in me to write; but for this same reason, I got to do other super-appealing things. I read more. Okay maybe this isn’t new, but I got to read books I wouldn’t read on a normal Zainab’s day. Enlightening and intriguing stories, bits of information that got me holding my breath and exhaling it out with wonder. I tried out new recipes (not all of them turned out great), I learnt a number of tunes on the piano (I had to learn to play something else other than the recorder in high school!), I watched (and enjoyed) movies I would never have watched, I spent more time with each one of my best friends, I made time for that side of my family that I hardly ever spent time with, I made a new friend, I drew, I took walks. Oh yeah, and I threw a big part of myself into my work. Did I mention I started a new job earlier this year; and I love it! But that’s a story for another day. All I’m saying is, it’s about time I got back to writing, because I got A LOTTA things I need to say. And this time, not even a faulty Wi-Fi connection can keep me away.

[On that note, if you are reading this, and you haven’t followed my blog yet, just Go ahead and Click that Follow button up there. You might want to stick around for more of this]

Random Fact: Did you know that Plato was the student of Socrates, and the teacher of Aristotle?? I know, MindBlowing!

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For somebody who portrays herself as an idealist, and is considered one by many, I try my best everyday to NOT go against my ideals. I do all that I can to be the best person I can be, to myself and to others, and avoid being unreasonable or unjust. I mean after all, that’s what I non-stop talk about in my blog posts; Fairness and Equality. That is why admitting this has not been as easy as I thought it would be, especially because of the particular target person.

I have been unfair.

I came across THIS article the other day on the internet, and I was totally gobsmacked! For the first time in the history of Kardashians, I actually admired and thought highly of Kim Kardashian. She’s a person I often disapproved and barely ever spared a piece of my internet or TV time.  I used to consider her a bad influence to the society and incriminated her or said something mean every time her face or name came up. Yes you and me both. But after I read that article, and after I gave it some thought, I realized that I have been relatively unfair. That maybe I was swift to judge and quick to execute. That if I really think about it, I do not have many substantial reasons to why I actually hate Kim Kardashian more than other celebrities (Okay hold your horses right there! No throwing stones at me yet, read on and you will understand why I would think this).

A 2009 pic: Yeah I also think this was taken before the expansion ^_^

A 2009 pic: Yeah I also think this was taken before the expansion ^_^

So let’s get right to it. Why would I hate Kim Kardashian? Because she became famous through a sex tape.

Yes, it’s true. But did you know she filed a lawsuit against the company that distributed the leaked sex-tape? She later dropped the suit against Vivid Entertainment and settled for US$5 million. That’s a lot of money to pay somebody who did it with intent. Should I hate her forever for a mistake she did when she was 23? And by mistake I mean, allowing her private moments with her then somewhat-famous-boyfriend to be caught on tape, Not the said private moments. What do I mean? Whether she intentionally leaked it or not Kim wasn’t caught licking public donuts in a pastry shop that ended up damaging the reputation of a whole store like Ariana Grande. Nor was she caught beating up her partner, causing physical and emotional harm like Chris Brown did.  It was a private tape regarding what just about every consenting adult is doing behind closed doors. Shouldn’t it have been treated like any other porn video considering she wasn’t famous then? And why do we hate her and not Ray J? Besides, who exactly made her famous? It makes much more sense to blame Vivid Entertainment for distributing the sex tape than to blame her for being in it.

Furthermore, how many mistakes have I done in my late teenagehood and early twenties? They may not have been caught on tape, but I definitely wouldn’t want anyone, let alone the whole world, to hold it against me for the rest of my life. For these reasons, I admit I may have been slightly unfair.


Why do I hate Kim Kardashian? Because the way she talks is annoying. She sounds dumb. In fact she probably is.

Yes I see it. I just stereotyped the hell out of her. I keep stating it in my feministic blog-posts that girls are not weak and helpless beings; they are as valuable as men. Then I turn around and stereotype all females that sound like Valley girls. For a person who doesn’t conform to stereotypes, that is quite ‘double-standard’ of me. I have been unfair. Not all girls who sound like that are dumb, just like not all people who speak Swahili are Kenyans. In addition, if you did read the article I mentioned earlier, Kim Kardashian is far (and I mean faaaaaaaaaar) from an airhead. Let’s think about this. She’s a brand. A very impressive and expensive brand. She hardly paid for her wedding to Kris Humphries. In fact, in addition to free and discounted items, she got paid for it by selling exclusive coverage of her wedding to People magazine and E! TV channel.  I can only imagine how it was with Kanye West. She also gets paid to live. Literally. Her family doesn’t act or demonstrate certain skill sets in ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’, they just live. Plus thanks to her fame, Kimberly charges a small fortune to endorse a product or talk about your brand on her social media accounts. Did I mention that she released her own fragrance, which became one of the best-selling perfumes? She also owns a booming mobile game, and a fashion apparel and jewelry line (with her sisters), which was a large success for a while. And who can keep up with her well-matched outfits whenever she’s photographed?! The more I think about it, the smarter she sounds.


Why would I hate Kim Kardashian? Because she is in a reality show? Because she is overly famous for doing nothing much?

Yeah true, but whose fault is it? Who watches her shows? Buys her perfume and spends on her mobile game? Talks about her and follows her every move?  We gave her that fame, we still do; and even though she may have achieved nothing before this fame, she is definitely doing something about it now. Making an empire out of an embarrassing and scandalous circumstance plus the fame we keep handing to her, is actually quite clever and entrepreneurial of her.

What about Kanye West you ask? Well, whether they will stay in love with each other or not, Kim is going to have a lot more child and spousal support than you and I, if they ever separate or get divorced. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying she’s materialistic (she already makes enough millions on her own), but that was quite a brilliant move on her part. Admit it ladies, you’d choose Kanye West over Ray J any day.

Is Kim Kardashian a person I’d choose for a role model? Nope. The much plastic surgery and stripping  she does for magazines gets her off my honorable list of role models. Horrible message she’s giving to young girls out there. Plus it would probably not be a nice show for her kids when they grow up. But then again, it’s Hollywood; that is what a large number of celebrities are doing to stay in the limelight. Why do we blame her more than we do the rest? We treat her as a very important celebrity even though we keep claiming she isn’t.  All the same, I have been unfair because I keep blaming her for something we played a part in.

I have also been unfair because whenever her name is mentioned, I relate her identity to the two main things I don’t like about her: the sex tape, and her naked pictures on that magazine. I have been unfair because I hardly ever think about the things I like about Kim Kardashian. I ignore her stylish and chic sense of style. I ignore her remarkable entrepreneurial moves. I ignore the fact that she found a way of making the best out of what was considered an embarrassing and dreadful situation (Monica Lewinsky could pick a leaf or two from her). Despite it, she somehow didn’t let it define her life or put her down, even though everybody is. I ignore the fact that her family’s reality show focuses more on family and is actually quite okay as far as what media exposes to the society.  In the history of reality shows (I’m talking Real Housewives, Basketball Wives, Love and Hip hop, Jersey Shore, The Bachelorette etc), ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ is quite ordinary and a lot less dramatic in comparison. No violence, sleeping around, big ugly fights, drug abuse or twisted plots and extreme cliffhangers. So no hate there.

What I’m I trying to say?

I may dislike some of Kim Kardashian’s life choices, but I dislike more what I just realized the society has turned me into. No scratch that, what I let the society turn me into. A biased underhanded spectator who is quick to throw blame, and spite. You should be worried too, because have you read your You Tube comments all over the place?

Chris Brown hit a woman, but at least he makes good music right? We all love his songs! Then he had a baby with another girl when he was in a relationship with another. But at least he shows the baby around in several of his red-carpet appearances. That means he’s a good dad right? Plus the baby is so cute, her dad totally won our hearts over. So yes, this morning, I found it disturbing how easy we are to forgive him but not her. How effortless it has become for us to forget his wrongs but disgrace her endlessly for the rest of her existence. And lastly, how we use things like talent, fame, likability or even looks to justify somebody’s wrong behavior over others.

We are being unfair.

She's famous cause she sings & dances like I want to. Yes, this is Beyonce's pic not Kim's. I'm tryna move on, but you still haven't..

She’s famous cause she sings & dances like I want to. Yes, this is Beyonce’s pic not Kim’s. I’m tryna move on, but you still haven’t..


P.S. With the number of nudes that are being sent all over the world, with the number of half & fully naked women (celebrities or not) in all these video clips, we have some nerve blaming her for that one sex-tape and those revealing magazine shots. So why exactly do we hate Kim Kardashian? Okay maybe I get why we hate her, but why the much hostility towards her over all those other people who do what she did on a daily basis? Why are we still talking about her and her family? Why am I still writing this? I’m hungry, I need a snack and a drink. Going to go grab some crisps. Anybody for some yoghurt?


The Misunderstood F Word

It’s been like what? About two months now? I know I know, I’m a horrible person, I haven’t posted for awhile now. There is this particular project I’ve been working on and it takes a lot from me. Plus hey, I was hoping you’d all miss me, absence making the heart fonder and all.  😉

Well, I’m back now; and I’ve got a lot in store for your fonder hearts. Let’s start with the basics…


I know of this lady who insists on carrying all her luggage, and goes through her day-to-day life without asking for much assistance because she considers herself very independent and a ‘complete Feminist’.  Her favorite office-wear is her dark trouser suits. Why did I put those words in quotes you say? Well, sometimes I thought she went a bit too far. That was until I was shopping the other day, when I came across this beautiful pink cardigan. I wanted to buy it. It would complete my outfit and look for the workshop presentation I was to give over the weekend.

But then I hesitated.

Wouldn’t it make me look too girly? Maybe I should take another colour; something not as bright, so that my audience will take me seriously, I thought. That was the moment when it dawned on me where us women sometimes go wrong.

The aim of Feminism is not to turn women into men. The fight for gender equality came about because women ought to be respected and valued as much as men. The fight for feminism happened when times changed, and women had to also get education and gain employment to live and survive contentedly. It came about when a woman was only seen as a sexual being, and the boss asked her for ‘favours’ in order to give her the job or promotion she deserved. Feminism is promoted because despite their qualifications, women are not employed in a company just because of their gender.

The fight for feminism arose because women weren’t respected in their professions. That when a woman and a man were seen giving service in a hospital, the society was quick to assume that the man was the doctor, and the woman his assistant- and actually go ahead and treats them accordingly. That young girls would grow up thinking they can only become assistants, but never be qualified enough to become doctors and managers.

Gender equality is promoted because young girls are made to believe they are not good enough, and cannot achieve much just because they are female. And in the occasion they do get into prestigious employment, they are not held in high regard, their contribution is disregarded, they are paid less, and are not respected- compared to men in the same positions.

Feminism, means (listen careful people) that a woman can choose whatever profession she wants and excel in it. It is a plea to the society to value the woman as much as they value the men. Feminism is an appeal to the world not to deny women opportunities just because they are female. Feminism not only advocates for societal, economic and political equality, but also for the equality of choice. That a woman can choose to be a doctor, an engineer, a C.E.O, a land-owner, a business woman, a Minister, a President, if they wanted to. Nevertheless, it DOES NOT mean that being an assistant, a janitor, a tailor, a teacher, a secretary, or a stay-at-home mom is not as worthwhile. Because it is. As long as you are doing it because YOU want to, and not because you believe you cannot achieve more, or just because the society expects you to (being female).

In other words, the fight for gender equality allows girls to believe in themselves and their worth. To know that they are capable of becoming professionals, and to be appreciated in the society for their contribution. Feminism is NOT a tool to turn women into men. It explicitly urges the society to value and give opportunities to women because of merit, and not to deny them because of the kind of genitalia they posses. For this reason, us women do not have to dress or act masculine to get the respect we deserve. It is okay to be feminine, and overly graceful, and ladylike, and stylish (and once in awhile emotional) because Feminism is a fight for being women. Trying to become more manly to get respect, defeats the whole purpose of Feminism. Most astonishingly, we forget the obvious fact that our biology, our hormones and physical attributes will never allow this to happen anyway.

So ladies, be ladies. Be you. You, are just as capable enough to do great things.

Suits women caption




Looking for plans or events to occupy you this weekend? Preferably on Saturday 3rd of October? Feeling philanthropic and want to give back to your society? Do want to help make a difference in our country’s education? Would you feel nice if you helped out a girl in the rural area of Kenya from a disadvantaged family? Have you gone all year without helping the poor or needy? This is your chance!

This Saturday, 3rd of October, there is going to be a parade at Karura Forest (Nairobi) from 7:30am to 8:30 am. ‘Educate her parade’ is an event sponsored by KPMG and has been organized by the Global Give Back Circle, a Clinton Global Initiative-organization that focuses on child-Education, Mentorship, Personal Development and Giving back to the Society. This parade will be attended by not only students from different schools, sponsors, and well-wishers, but also some of the leading organizations in the country and the world.

Thank you PwC Kenya for supporting the ‪#‎EducateHerParade‬ and supporting our girls in West Pokot Pursue their dreams! ‪#‎62MillionGirls‬ will get a chance to get to school because of your support!

Thank you PwC Kenya for supporting the ‪#‎EducateHerParade‬ and supporting our girls in West Pokot Pursue their dreams! ‪#‎62MillionGirls‬ will get a chance to get to school because of your support!

The EDUCATE ‘HER’ PARADE celebrates the advancement of women and girls by providing scholarships for girls who hail from communities where ‘Educating Her’ is not a priority, but where ‘Educating Her’ can lift a community as ‘She’ steps-up to social and economic participation and leadership. This year’s Parade focuses on girls from West Pokot.

This spectacular parade will take place in Kenya on October 3rd, to recognize the International Day of the Girl and to help Kenya’s disadvantaged girls continue their education, attend college and become the next generation of teachers, nurses, doctors, engineers, social workers, accountants, lawyers and business women.

Kenya has so much to celebrate these days, and the advancement of Kenya’s women and girls is definitely high on the list. As Kenya embraces the actualization of the Sustainable Development Goals its focus is on members of its communities who fell through the cracks during the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals. Girls who are marginalized by the constant threat of female genital mutilation and forced early marriage, are exactly the population of girls the Sustainable Development Goals are meant to support.

The Global Give Back Circle became the largest tertiary education, mentorship and workforce-readiness program for at-risk girls in Kenya because of the way and manner private sector organizations decided they wanted to Give Back to empower their girls. The EDUCATE ‘HER’ PARADE also honors them for supporting the empowerment of girls, and invites them to be a part of the celebration. The parade is an opportunity to share great Give Back work through the theatre and creative expression that only a parade can offer.

We hope you will join us!

GGBC representative with presenters, at Homeboys Radio today morning talking about the Parade.

GGBC representative with presenters, at Homeboys Radio today morning talking about the Parade.


ARRIVE: BY 7AM at the Parade (Road closed from 8.30AM)

PARADE: 7:30 AM – 8:30AM


Directions  to Karura Forest
Entrances to the main section of Karura Forest (Gate letters as per Karura Forest Map): Gate A. Main entry off Limuru Road across from the Belgian Embassy (road access to KFEET Centre and FKF forest offices).

To the main Forest gate (Gate A)…
Matatu (from Nairobi city centre  to Belgian Embassy on Limuru Road).  Numbers 11B, 106, 107, 108, 114 or 116 (southbound only- Going to Banana or Ruaka)

BUYING TICKETS VIA MPESA (Adults 600 KES, Children 300 KES)
1. Go to Mpesa SIM toolkit.
2. Go to “Lipa na Mpesa”
3. Go to “Paybill” and enter “525630” at the business number.
4. Next enter “Educate Her Parade” as the Account number.

Please print your ticket or arrive with your confirmation code and national ID card the day of
the Parade and keep the Mpesa Message, to get wrist bands for the event.

See you on the 3rd! at 7.00 AM


P.S. Tune into Capital FM at 12 noon today, and listen to representatives talk about it.



So I have good news my wonderful readers: I got published again! *screams hysterically*

Weekend Star, a pretty cool national newspaper (with an inside magazine) has published me again, both on print and on their online-site. I’m super excited of course, ‘valid dreams’ and all. Oh well, HERE is the official link…however, not all of it was printed, not sure if it’s cause of the word count or magazine’s preference or something else…(Probably cause my ending was a little bit personal lol) It doesn’t matter I still got Published!!!!! *giggles hysterically*  Nevertheless, here is the WHOLE post. Do Enjoy, and don’t hesitate to tell me what you think….

*Peace sign*


What are your Relationship or Marriage goals?

What are your Relationship or Marriage goals?

“I like a woman with a big behind,” Tom muttered to his friends.

“Yeah, me too! I would marry one from Western or Coast.” Richard jumped in cheerfully.

“Add brains and beauty, and it’s a wrap.” Harry concluded.

That is how the conversation went a few days ago when a taarab song came on the television. Doesn’t it amaze you how decisive and specific men can be? Especially when it comes to matters about marriage and starting a family. You may have dated for as long as five years, but if you don’t fit the image and character of whom he aims to make his wife, he will not propose.  This is why the same man may later pop the question to the other lady who he just started seeing four months ago. She fits his bill. Similarly, some guys may sleep around with- what you would call- ‘loose women’ year in year out all through his twenties, but when the time comes, he’ll decide to settle down with a responsible and charming wife.

The motive of a relationship often determines the standard of the partner you will choose. If the purpose of my relationship is wanting to ‘have fun’ or ‘not be lonely and alone’, I will most likely settle for less. On the other hand, if I want a partnership that will last, I would be more particular with my choice of partner. Even the most ordinary of men have a deliberate list of things they want in a wife, right down to the education background, behavior, wealth, and even body size. Yes they have different lists and priorities, but they get it. This is a person you plan to spend the rest of your life with. In other words, you will need to like her or him for a very very very long time. That is why I do not get it when a woman proclaims to want a loyal, caring, smart, funny, financially stable, responsible and good-looking man for a husband, many are quick to say this man does not exist. Or that she wants “too much.”

You want to know why I would not settle? Do you want to know why, just like the men in our society, I will be particular with the person I will call my husband? It is because I will not marry just to pass time. I will not tie the knot just to appease my friends and accommodate him- or the public. I will not get hitched just to fit in. I will not marry a lesser man just to prove some misguided notion. I will not get into a long-term relationship to stroke egos.  I would not give my happiness up so as to verify these common misconceptions.  I will be true to myself. And this particular self has standards.

No it’s not always about the man. It’s about me too. It’s about me marrying a man who will make me happy, challenge me and make me want to become a better woman. A man who will inspire me and treat me right. It’s not just about the man, it’s about the children I will have with him. It’s about them having a dad they will look up to. It’s about our kids being happy, having big dreams and manifesting confidence because their parents are the best examples. It’s about them being loved, provided for and taught the right lessons to prosper in life.  It’s not just about standards, it’s about both the man and I being able to raise great kids because we are both great.  And it’s about wanting nothing less of all this because I deserve it. It’s because I go through life working on myself to become the best that I can be, and I am worthy of a man who is the best version he can be. Besides, if great couples are going to exist in the world, it might as well be me and him.

Ladies, if he wants to get you, the whole of you, then he has to deserve you.


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Being a blogger, there’s one thing you are certain to receive: Feedback. Which btw I am- more often than not- usually super glad to get. Sometimes, this feedback comes in form of questions. And it seems that my ability to stand up for my beliefs and convictions in the face of ‘adversity’ has garnered up quite a number of them. So in today’s post, I will get to answer a few of the questions that I was asked in the past week by some of my readers.

Question: You never run out of women issues to talk about.
Me: You have no idea. You’d be surprised how many more I have to go.

Question: How comes you mostly focus on the bad, the challenges, and not much of the good?
Me: The only focus I’d give to the good is to appreciate it, however, the bad is what needs to be put on the spotlight, because it needs to be changed. The bad is what affects people the most, the bad is what breaks someone and sadly, the bad is what people often pretend to be oblivious about.

Question: Is it that you have experienced everything you tell off or talk about?
Me: On the contrary no. I just can’t seem to help it when I see it around me. When it gets to me, as a person and as a female, I have to call it out the best way I can: Write about it.

Question: You talk about women a lot.
Me: Yup, I seem to have a knack for rooting for the underdog. Lol

Question: Why do you bring up these differences, I thought we were progressive people. Aren’t we supposed to be equivalent, and live cordially…
Me: Well, that is exactly why I do what I do. Because even though we claim to be progressive people, we are not. So here I am, using this platform to emphasize on the equivalence. To remind the society the reasons why we should be cordial to each other.

Due to these questions, I dedicate this Ten Tuesday Post to the reasons behind why I chose to focus and blog about women and the issues affecting them. I hope the above, and the below declarations, will answer some of your questions. So why do I blog about it?
1. I blog to give inspiration to young women, for them to be the best they can be, and because as far as some of their mindsets go, they definitely need this. I hope to make more women believe in themselves, realize their potential, and recognize the power they have.

2. I blog to make others understand women better; to let them into how we think.

3. I blog to give a voice to the challenges facing the majority, or minority, of women. As well as, to give solutions to some of these challenges.

4. I blog to give hope and strength to the women undergoing such challenges.

5. I blog to let other women know that they are not alone. That others experience the same things they do, and that they have a choice and chance to improve or change their situations.

6. I blog to inform and change people’s perceptions about issues affecting women.

7. I blog to prevent more misunderstanding, mistreatment, and deprivation of emotional, physical, psychological or societal necessities.

8. I blog to increase compassion and empathy in the society. To make us remember our humanity.

9. I blog because these issues affecting women bug the hell out of me, and it seems I lack the ability to just watch them without pointing them out, or saying something about it.

10. I blog because not only do I have the talent to put certain words together to send these particular messages, I also want to share the lessons I have received and learnt, to my fellow females.

For more information, read the ABOUT page. Yes, this is what this particular site is about; if you want to read about hollywood or the local gossip and stories that keep up with the Kardashians, you will be sorely disappointed.

Do Enjoy!