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Far Far Away…

Bitch Bliss...  *lol*

Bitch Bliss…

I was reading a novel the other day,
Hush, Hush: It’s about a fallen angel.
I know I know, it’s all fantasy and I might get carried away.
But hey,
The stories make Me happy. And like clay,
They mold into whatever plot, in whatever way.
I’d like to explore the worlds parts unknown, if I may,
To get immersed in the character’s day,
To experience the things they do, and the words they say,
To be moved by every emotion they portray.
And even through the pain, know that at the end everything will be okay.
I treasure those few precious moments when I get to keep real life at bay.
So when it’s raining and I can’t go out and play,
Like yesterday, on the sofa I lay,
And read that novel page by page.
Actors in a play, my mind their stage.
Holding my bookmark in the colour beige.
As my mind and thoughts were let out of their cage,
I went to another world far far away…
A place where I wanna stay.

By Zelly


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