So I have good news my wonderful readers: I got published again! *screams hysterically* Weekend Star, a pretty cool national newspaper (with an inside magazine) has published me again, both on print and on their online-site. I’m super excited of course, ‘valid dreams’ and all. Oh well, HERE is the official link…however, not all of […]


You heard about the Ashley Madison marital drama over the cheating-spouses website? No? I suggest you google it! For the lazy ones, get more information on This site and HERE. It’s an international calamity! Apparently there is a lot of cheating going on in married couples, and a lot of the cheaters (and I mean […]


Men are an integral part of our society. We appreciate their presence because they represent strength and safety. They (should) protect and provide for their families, as well as carry the heavy items when we are moving things around the house. I remember when I wanted to go to the shops at night, I would […]


It has been minutes, maybe hours, I can’t tell. I have been staring at my finger with a big smile on my face. The sparkling ring around it is not gigantic, but it’s not tiny either. Adam proposed yesterday night. The look on his face when he went down on his knees, will forever stay […]

THE EX-GAME (The TerminEX Game)

You know how it’s a felony to talk about your ex with your next, or potential next… Well, sometimes you cannot help it. It could be because your ex meant so much to you, and for a long while, that even though it’s over, it doesn’t erase his existence or influence. It could also be […]

SOCIETY LIES #1 : The Bad Boy Real Effect

Bad boys. They have that magical allure and magnetic pull that girls cannot seem to resist. It is said that women would turn down men who are too nice and always available, but yearn for a man who is a bit standoffish, and kind of a jerk. Like being rather mean makes a man attractive. […]


Yesterday night I was watching the second season of Braxton Family Values. It’s an American reality show on Toni Braxton and her family. I really enjoyed it actually. It doesn’t have the overly dramatic incidences that lead to glass throwing and stuff like that. (I mean have you watched Basketball wives?!). I also learnt a […]