Women, Days and Habits

Yesterday was International Women’s Day! This is day dedicated to celebrate women, their achievements and their contribution to humankind. During this day, people are meant to reflect on the progress women have made in the society. It is viewed as a time to call for necessary change, as well as, to create awareness around issues […]

The Misunderstood F Word

It’s been like what? About two months now? I know I know, I’m a horrible person, I haven’t posted for awhile now. There is this particular project I’ve been working on and it takes a lot from me. Plus hey, I was hoping you’d all miss me, absence making the heart fonder and all.  😉 […]


About 2 weeks ago… “Zee, with all the Mollis-tape hype, I’m surprised you haven’t written anything about it…” One of my friends commented. “Well, it’s a tricky issue, didn’t know which side to take.” I replied. “Oh yeah? What do you mean?” Her. “Well, I couldn’t tell whether it was rape or just another ‘drama-ful’ […]


Men are an integral part of our society. We appreciate their presence because they represent strength and safety. They (should) protect and provide for their families, as well as carry the heavy items when we are moving things around the house. I remember when I wanted to go to the shops at night, I would […]


Do you ever wake up some days and feel ‘unattractive’? You look into the mirror and nothing you do to yourself makes you feel pretty. Even if you did the same thing you did that day you went out and was on top of the world. Have you ever opened your closet and stared endlessly […]

Chivalry or Equality?

Somebody told me that I was a feminist. Another asked me if I was one, and I hesitated. You see despite our-beloved Beyonce’s support of this ‘movement’, Chimamanda Adichie’s celebrated quotes, and Emma Watson’s famous UN speech, the word ‘feminism’ is still, in some way, looked down upon. Today morning I read these two articles: […]

SOCIETY LIES #1 : The Bad Boy Real Effect

Bad boys. They have that magical allure and magnetic pull that girls cannot seem to resist. It is said that women would turn down men who are too nice and always available, but yearn for a man who is a bit standoffish, and kind of a jerk. Like being rather mean makes a man attractive. […]