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The Flower-Effect

Yesterday we bought flowers for the house. I took a walk to the nearby shopping centre, which is a 5-minutes walk away from home, and purchased three small bunches of three different types of flowers. There is a man seated outside the supermarket at Valley arcade with a range of beautiful and colourful flowers. I chose the kind that I wanted, then he nicely arranged the ensemble by separating the bunches and mixing the stalks to make one stunning bunch. He then trimmed off the longer branches, tied the ends with a few rubber-bands and wrapped the bouquet with a colourless plastic paper. All along, we kept talking about how he got into the business, how long it had been, where he got the flowers, which ones were more popular and he even gave me tips on how to take care of the flowers. I’m glad to say my opportune social skills came in handy, and I managed to get the bunch for a bargain price. With my handbag hanging on my right shoulder, I held the bouquet of flowers with my left arm, as if it was a small baby, and merrily walked back home.

He was a friendly flower vendor. Must be all the flowers...

He was a friendly flower vendor. Must be all the flowers…

On my way back home, as I hummed to my music (I had one side of my earphones in my ear), I suddenly noticed the looks I was getting from the people I passed by. Suffice to say, I started receiving beguiling smiles my way, and noted that the drivers of cars jaunting by had this amused look on their faces. In fact, one pick-up carrying a number of men at the back drove by and I actually got cat-called and was a receiver of a few whistles. No I did not shout back, I just smiled their way and walked on. However, it was quite the experience, knowing that a mere bunch of flowers (and its carrier ^_^) could garner such attention.

From this episode, I got to learn a few things that I would love to share with my fellow ladies. I love flowers and receiving them actually elevates my mood. If truth be told, many ladies do. Don’t we all like it when that boy gives us flowers? Well, those days he doesn’t, go ahead and buy yourself a bunch of flowers. It is not costly; you can get a rose for about sh. 20 (or less) and a small bunch between sh.100 and sh.200, depending on the type of flowers and where you buy them. Hey, you can’t put a price on happiness. And if you do, well, as you can see it’s not very expensive.

It goes without saying, flowers have a way of beatifying a room. What you may not know is they also make your outfit look better! No really, I had a simple short pink sleeveless dress on, with tight black pencil pants, and a black jacket for the cold, but the flowers enhanced the whole look. Did I mention that they smelled magnificent! Another good thing about buying and carrying flowers around is the smile you get on your face, as well as, the smile you put on everyone around you. I think it’s impossible to hold a bouquet of beautiful flowers and look sad. You just won’t help it. Plus it’s too damn contagious. I was completely delighted to find out that my carrying flowers actually got several people smiling; and that right there is the flower-effect! On top of all that, this effect makes it a lot easier to start off a conversation. Carrying flowers is such the ice-breaker and conversation starter. Everyone just can’t ignore the flowers. And guess what? It works for men too!

This being said, do have a smile-filled day!
Flowers-vaseP.S. A useful tip I got from the flower guy: add a spoonful of soda (the sugary kind) or Jik (bleach) into the water in the vase before you put in the flowers. This will make the flowers blossom and last longer. Got any more tips? Do share…


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