The Misunderstood F Word

It’s been like what? About two months now? I know I know, I’m a horrible person, I haven’t posted for awhile now. There is this particular project I’ve been working on and it takes a lot from me. Plus hey, I was hoping you’d all miss me, absence making the heart fonder and all.  😉 […]


pe•ri•od (noun): [pee-ree-uh d] A period is the part of the menstrual cycle when a woman bleeds from her vagina for a few days. There is this lady I read about on the internet today. She threw a “Period Party” for her daughter when she got her first period! She did this to discourage the […]

Chivalry or Equality?

Somebody told me that I was a feminist. Another asked me if I was one, and I hesitated. You see despite our-beloved Beyonce’s support of this ‘movement’, Chimamanda Adichie’s celebrated quotes, and Emma Watson’s famous UN speech, the word ‘feminism’ is still, in some way, looked down upon. Today morning I read these two articles: […]


I like solving problems. I don’t like seeing people suffer, especially when I can do something about it. I do not hesitate to give advice or to warn somebody about something, or just doing that something that needs to be done to solve a difficulty. I mean, in another life I would probably have been […]


I started watching Carrie Diaries season 2. Yup, I admit I am a huge fan! I don’t know if its cause of her gorgeous fashion, the way she dresses and put different pieces of clothes together, the way she accessorizes. Or maybe it’s the day to day life drama that she goes through in school […]

Saved by the Bell

Zero to Hero #20: Tell us about a time when you managed to extract yourself from a sticky situation at the very last minute. Sigh. I give up. No seriously, I’ve tried. It’s been like 15minutes and I have nothing. I just went through my life, in my head, and I have nothing. Not that […]


Yesterday, my young brother put up a photo without his T-shirt on, and my first reaction was, “‘Why in the world would you put up a half-naked photo of yourself?! I don’t want you turning into those instagram-twitpics-facebook photo-uploading junkies whose main intention of putting up half naked photos of themselves is to get superfluous […]