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Women, Days and Habits

UNIFIL Malaysian women peacekeepers

UNIFIL Malaysian women peacekeepers

Yesterday was International Women’s Day!

This is day dedicated to celebrate women, their achievements and their contribution to humankind. During this day, people are meant to reflect on the progress women have made in the society. It is viewed as a time to call for necessary change, as well as, to create awareness around issues and challenges affecting women. You know how many they are. It is also a day when we acknowledge the acts of courageous and determined women (bless their hearts) who have played a big role in their communities and in history. International Women’s day is a day devoted to remind the world how valuable and incredible women are, and how we should appreciate them. Cause obviously, the world needs an annual reminder. If it was up to me, I’d make this day a monthly event. Scratch that, a weekly one. Yes: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and International Women’s Day.

It’s rather interesting how diversely different groups and countries celebrate this day. We have those who assign themes to the day for sustainable causes like the UN, in Manila some gather on the eve of this day to release sky-lanterns into the air (you know the ‘floating lights’ in the movie Tangled), and we have countries like Turkey where women go out in rallies shouting slogans and carrying all kinds of women-related posters and signs. It’s a day when women feel that solidarity- which for some unknown reason they don’t feel every other day. Nevertheless, it’s another good day to be a woman, counting the famous Valentine’s day and Mothers day. (Did you know we have International Widows’ Day? It’s on the 23rd June. Now you do.)

Being a women’s day, it is only fair that I say something about women, and our implausible personality. No I’m not going to talk about how women are capable beings and qualified enough to make a positive impact in our society- economically and politically. We already know that. I do not have to mention the female Presidents, the Queens, the amazing First ladies, the female CEOs, all those women in all the other professions, as well as, that stay-at-home mum who keeps the family and home together. If in 2016 you are still on the other side of the argument talking negatively about women’s political, economic, and social equality; if until this day you are unsupportive of your sister, wife, daughter, mother, and still have the audacity to look down upon your female colleagues, then I don’t know what to say to you. Other than: Wake up and smell the coffee! If you didn’t get the memo, then you’re sleeping on your job.

No, I’m not going to talk about the serious stuff today. I am celebrating women, and how far they have come. Hence, I want to shed some light to a few of the least-understood habitual characteristics of many of our female kind. I’m in a festive mood and I’m feeling all philanthropic with information regarding the secrets behind some of these behaviours displayed by women. Yes, we are quite the extraordinary beings, needing twenty pillows on our beds, twice as many pairs of shoes, and thrice as many beauty products. We just do. And today, I will get to explain 5 things that the world does not seem to understand about women…

1. Why we need so many clothes, handbags, and shoes- No we are not serial hoarders; we just see the need to have that many skirts, and blouses, and dresses, and shoes, and handbags, and trousers. They say men are visual beings, apparently so are we. Sometimes we just cannot unsee or ignore that pretty dress or pair of heels on display. Especially if it’s on sale! Who knows when I would be invited to a particular event that needs that particular dress?! Plus we don’t have 30 pairs of shoes; we only have 2 pairs of sneakers, 2 pairs of backled shoes, 3 pairs of flats, 2 pairs of lace-ups, 2 pairs of peep-toes, 2 pairs of sandals, 3 pairs of boots, 4 pairs of pumps, a pair of tennis shoes, the shoes I was ‘gifted’ on my birthday and that pair of fancy gladiators. In matters related, we choose clothes depending on our moods, the kind of event, the people we’re going to hang out with, the weather, the topography, the altitude etc. Our outfits allow us to communicate without saying a word. Furthermore, that pretty jacket in that stall matches with like four of my outfits; of course I’ll buy it, even though I already have 7 jackets in my closet. If the world wants us to stop buying more clothes, they should stop creating new clothes lines and making new clothing!

2. Why we talk endlessly with our friends- even though we just saw them a day ago. Oh you do not know how much can happen in just a day. You see us women, are more perceptive and more receptive to emotional signals than men are. When a man attends an event, he will probably remember the friends he met and the food he ate. On the other hand, women remember Everything! Who was there, with whom, wearing what, and saying what about who. She will remember every single of her favorite songs that was played, how her shoes felt halfway through the event, the people she bumped into, what they talked about, what shoes they were wearing, who wore the new lipstick line, what hairstyle the host had on, what new gossip was dished out, how their neighbour seemed a bit drunk, how she made eye contact with her crush, the colour and taste of the new drink she tasted…I could go on forever. The thing is, women are emotional beings; and moments or memories attached to particular emotions are a lot harder to forget. That is why we remember what you did ten years ago. Not because of what you did specifically, but because of how it/you made us feel.

3. Why we take so long in the bathroom- and why we go in pairs. A bathroom is not just a place to pee, it’s a venue for a series of events. This is how it typically would go:
*walks into the bathroom laughing at a joke one of us made*
“Ooh pretty-looking sinks, and My Gowsh the size of that mirror!”
“I know! Look at the way the dark marble surface matches with the walls. I’d totally have that in my house.”
*Check ourselves out as we wait for everyone to go pee*
*Do some makeup touch-ups*
*Make sure our hair is still in place*
* Probably take bathroom selfies*
“That painting on the wall reminds me of nani’s house. You remember last month when we….
*Reminiscence on that house, its interior design, that friend and that day*
*Catch up on that event she did not attend*
*Comment on how nice the handwash smells and how soft it makes our skin*
*Compare it with the one at the last restaurant/hotel we went to*
*Discuss how hot the waiter serving us is*

“BTW I love you dress! It looks amazing on you.”
“Thanks. But I love your shoes more. Where did you get them?”
*Compliment each other on our choice of outfit and discuss where we bought each item*
*Confirm that we do not have any sauce stains on our clothes or salad between our teeth*
*A quick touch-up on our lipgloss before we head out*
30 minutes later…

4. Shopping is a social activity- and may even be a hobby. No we don’t just walk to the aisle or stall, grab something from the shelf or hanger, then head for the cashier. Shopping is an enjoyable activity. This is the time we get to check out new stuff, new trends, and match everything we see with an item in our closet (remember our good memory). It’s like a game and a pastime wrapped up in one. We have to try out all the clothes we liked in the shop and twirl in front of the mirror for a better visual effect- whether we will buy them all or not. We get to compare prices in the different shops, and note down things we’d want to buy the following month. Plus did you see that blue flowery skirt? It looked like what Eva Longoria wore in that show! And these shoes will totally go with the dress I plan to wear in that wedding. Oh no I don’t have black heels in my collection, we have to get me some nice black pair of heels. Nuuh, those ones are too big. Ooh ooh try these ones, they are a perfect height. Then let’s try out the denim overall and see how we look! Ooohh that sombrero is the one. It’s Leila’s birthday next month, and she’ll totally love this handbag!
Can you feel all the excitement?!

5. Why it takes us long to get ready to go out- or get ready for bed. Have you seen all the beauty products and hair-equipment on that dresser? Well, they all have to be used before we are ready to go out (and removed before we go to bed). We also have to pick out an outfit and the perfect shoes, handbag and jewelery to go with it. Of course I have to try out a series of outfits before I choose the one. Maybe I might remember how that fashion blogger used that belt to spice up her outfit. I wonder what Rhodah is wearing today?
*Calls Rhodah*
“Hey Rods. Are we doing skirts or jeggings today?”
*Discuss further on the clothes*
Several outfits later, we move on to our make-up and hair.
Considering the nail polish we have on doesn’t match that perfect outfit, and it’s 2 days old, we have no choice but to apply another colour. It’s a process: we have to remove the old polish, then clean our nails/hands, apply the base coat, wait about two minutes to dry, apply the first coat, wait another two minutes to dry, then apply the second coat and wait for it to dry completely. By this time your look is complete, so you probably take several selfies, select the best out of the a hundred you took and upload it on instagram, with a caption like “Going out with my girls (or bae). My eyebrows game still strong” then tag 25 of your instagram friends.
An hour later…



Random Fact: The base coat nail polish prevents dark polishes from staining the nail and can help fortify nails.


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