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For somebody who portrays herself as an idealist, and is considered one by many, I try my best everyday to NOT go against my ideals. I do all that I can to be the best person I can be, to myself and to others, and avoid being unreasonable or unjust. I mean after all, that’s what I non-stop talk about in my blog posts; Fairness and Equality. That is why admitting this has not been as easy as I thought it would be, especially because of the particular target person.

I have been unfair.

I came across THIS article the other day on the internet, and I was totally gobsmacked! For the first time in the history of Kardashians, I actually admired and thought highly of Kim Kardashian. She’s a person I often disapproved and barely ever spared a piece of my internet or TV time.  I used to consider her a bad influence to the society and incriminated her or said something mean every time her face or name came up. Yes you and me both. But after I read that article, and after I gave it some thought, I realized that I have been relatively unfair. That maybe I was swift to judge and quick to execute. That if I really think about it, I do not have many substantial reasons to why I actually hate Kim Kardashian more than other celebrities (Okay hold your horses right there! No throwing stones at me yet, read on and you will understand why I would think this).

A 2009 pic: Yeah I also think this was taken before the expansion ^_^

A 2009 pic: Yeah I also think this was taken before the expansion ^_^

So let’s get right to it. Why would I hate Kim Kardashian? Because she became famous through a sex tape.

Yes, it’s true. But did you know she filed a lawsuit against the company that distributed the leaked sex-tape? She later dropped the suit against Vivid Entertainment and settled for US$5 million. That’s a lot of money to pay somebody who did it with intent. Should I hate her forever for a mistake she did when she was 23? And by mistake I mean, allowing her private moments with her then somewhat-famous-boyfriend to be caught on tape, Not the said private moments. What do I mean? Whether she intentionally leaked it or not Kim wasn’t caught licking public donuts in a pastry shop that ended up damaging the reputation of a whole store like Ariana Grande. Nor was she caught beating up her partner, causing physical and emotional harm like Chris Brown did.  It was a private tape regarding what just about every consenting adult is doing behind closed doors. Shouldn’t it have been treated like any other porn video considering she wasn’t famous then? And why do we hate her and not Ray J? Besides, who exactly made her famous? It makes much more sense to blame Vivid Entertainment for distributing the sex tape than to blame her for being in it.

Furthermore, how many mistakes have I done in my late teenagehood and early twenties? They may not have been caught on tape, but I definitely wouldn’t want anyone, let alone the whole world, to hold it against me for the rest of my life. For these reasons, I admit I may have been slightly unfair.


Why do I hate Kim Kardashian? Because the way she talks is annoying. She sounds dumb. In fact she probably is.

Yes I see it. I just stereotyped the hell out of her. I keep stating it in my feministic blog-posts that girls are not weak and helpless beings; they are as valuable as men. Then I turn around and stereotype all females that sound like Valley girls. For a person who doesn’t conform to stereotypes, that is quite ‘double-standard’ of me. I have been unfair. Not all girls who sound like that are dumb, just like not all people who speak Swahili are Kenyans. In addition, if you did read the article I mentioned earlier, Kim Kardashian is far (and I mean faaaaaaaaaar) from an airhead. Let’s think about this. She’s a brand. A very impressive and expensive brand. She hardly paid for her wedding to Kris Humphries. In fact, in addition to free and discounted items, she got paid for it by selling exclusive coverage of her wedding to People magazine and E! TV channel.  I can only imagine how it was with Kanye West. She also gets paid to live. Literally. Her family doesn’t act or demonstrate certain skill sets in ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’, they just live. Plus thanks to her fame, Kimberly charges a small fortune to endorse a product or talk about your brand on her social media accounts. Did I mention that she released her own fragrance, which became one of the best-selling perfumes? She also owns a booming mobile game, and a fashion apparel and jewelry line (with her sisters), which was a large success for a while. And who can keep up with her well-matched outfits whenever she’s photographed?! The more I think about it, the smarter she sounds.


Why would I hate Kim Kardashian? Because she is in a reality show? Because she is overly famous for doing nothing much?

Yeah true, but whose fault is it? Who watches her shows? Buys her perfume and spends on her mobile game? Talks about her and follows her every move?  We gave her that fame, we still do; and even though she may have achieved nothing before this fame, she is definitely doing something about it now. Making an empire out of an embarrassing and scandalous circumstance plus the fame we keep handing to her, is actually quite clever and entrepreneurial of her.

What about Kanye West you ask? Well, whether they will stay in love with each other or not, Kim is going to have a lot more child and spousal support than you and I, if they ever separate or get divorced. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying she’s materialistic (she already makes enough millions on her own), but that was quite a brilliant move on her part. Admit it ladies, you’d choose Kanye West over Ray J any day.

Is Kim Kardashian a person I’d choose for a role model? Nope. The much plastic surgery and stripping  she does for magazines gets her off my honorable list of role models. Horrible message she’s giving to young girls out there. Plus it would probably not be a nice show for her kids when they grow up. But then again, it’s Hollywood; that is what a large number of celebrities are doing to stay in the limelight. Why do we blame her more than we do the rest? We treat her as a very important celebrity even though we keep claiming she isn’t.  All the same, I have been unfair because I keep blaming her for something we played a part in.

I have also been unfair because whenever her name is mentioned, I relate her identity to the two main things I don’t like about her: the sex tape, and her naked pictures on that magazine. I have been unfair because I hardly ever think about the things I like about Kim Kardashian. I ignore her stylish and chic sense of style. I ignore her remarkable entrepreneurial moves. I ignore the fact that she found a way of making the best out of what was considered an embarrassing and dreadful situation (Monica Lewinsky could pick a leaf or two from her). Despite it, she somehow didn’t let it define her life or put her down, even though everybody is. I ignore the fact that her family’s reality show focuses more on family and is actually quite okay as far as what media exposes to the society.  In the history of reality shows (I’m talking Real Housewives, Basketball Wives, Love and Hip hop, Jersey Shore, The Bachelorette etc), ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ is quite ordinary and a lot less dramatic in comparison. No violence, sleeping around, big ugly fights, drug abuse or twisted plots and extreme cliffhangers. So no hate there.

What I’m I trying to say?

I may dislike some of Kim Kardashian’s life choices, but I dislike more what I just realized the society has turned me into. No scratch that, what I let the society turn me into. A biased underhanded spectator who is quick to throw blame, and spite. You should be worried too, because have you read your You Tube comments all over the place?

Chris Brown hit a woman, but at least he makes good music right? We all love his songs! Then he had a baby with another girl when he was in a relationship with another. But at least he shows the baby around in several of his red-carpet appearances. That means he’s a good dad right? Plus the baby is so cute, her dad totally won our hearts over. So yes, this morning, I found it disturbing how easy we are to forgive him but not her. How effortless it has become for us to forget his wrongs but disgrace her endlessly for the rest of her existence. And lastly, how we use things like talent, fame, likability or even looks to justify somebody’s wrong behavior over others.

We are being unfair.

She's famous cause she sings & dances like I want to. Yes, this is Beyonce's pic not Kim's. I'm tryna move on, but you still haven't..

She’s famous cause she sings & dances like I want to. Yes, this is Beyonce’s pic not Kim’s. I’m tryna move on, but you still haven’t..


P.S. With the number of nudes that are being sent all over the world, with the number of half & fully naked women (celebrities or not) in all these video clips, we have some nerve blaming her for that one sex-tape and those revealing magazine shots. So why exactly do we hate Kim Kardashian? Okay maybe I get why we hate her, but why the much hostility towards her over all those other people who do what she did on a daily basis? Why are we still talking about her and her family? Why am I still writing this? I’m hungry, I need a snack and a drink. Going to go grab some crisps. Anybody for some yoghurt?


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