The Misunderstood F Word

It’s been like what? About two months now? I know I know, I’m a horrible person, I haven’t posted for awhile now. There is this particular project I’ve been working on and it takes a lot from me. Plus hey, I was hoping you’d all miss me, absence making the heart fonder and all.  😉

Well, I’m back now; and I’ve got a lot in store for your fonder hearts. Let’s start with the basics…


I know of this lady who insists on carrying all her luggage, and goes through her day-to-day life without asking for much assistance because she considers herself very independent and a ‘complete Feminist’.  Her favorite office-wear is her dark trouser suits. Why did I put those words in quotes you say? Well, sometimes I thought she went a bit too far. That was until I was shopping the other day, when I came across this beautiful pink cardigan. I wanted to buy it. It would complete my outfit and look for the workshop presentation I was to give over the weekend.

But then I hesitated.

Wouldn’t it make me look too girly? Maybe I should take another colour; something not as bright, so that my audience will take me seriously, I thought. That was the moment when it dawned on me where us women sometimes go wrong.

The aim of Feminism is not to turn women into men. The fight for gender equality came about because women ought to be respected and valued as much as men. The fight for feminism happened when times changed, and women had to also get education and gain employment to live and survive contentedly. It came about when a woman was only seen as a sexual being, and the boss asked her for ‘favours’ in order to give her the job or promotion she deserved. Feminism is promoted because despite their qualifications, women are not employed in a company just because of their gender.

The fight for feminism arose because women weren’t respected in their professions. That when a woman and a man were seen giving service in a hospital, the society was quick to assume that the man was the doctor, and the woman his assistant- and actually go ahead and treats them accordingly. That young girls would grow up thinking they can only become assistants, but never be qualified enough to become doctors and managers.

Gender equality is promoted because young girls are made to believe they are not good enough, and cannot achieve much just because they are female. And in the occasion they do get into prestigious employment, they are not held in high regard, their contribution is disregarded, they are paid less, and are not respected- compared to men in the same positions.

Feminism, means (listen careful people) that a woman can choose whatever profession she wants and excel in it. It is a plea to the society to value the woman as much as they value the men. Feminism is an appeal to the world not to deny women opportunities just because they are female. Feminism not only advocates for societal, economic and political equality, but also for the equality of choice. That a woman can choose to be a doctor, an engineer, a C.E.O, a land-owner, a business woman, a Minister, a President, if they wanted to. Nevertheless, it DOES NOT mean that being an assistant, a janitor, a tailor, a teacher, a secretary, or a stay-at-home mom is not as worthwhile. Because it is. As long as you are doing it because YOU want to, and not because you believe you cannot achieve more, or just because the society expects you to (being female).

In other words, the fight for gender equality allows girls to believe in themselves and their worth. To know that they are capable of becoming professionals, and to be appreciated in the society for their contribution. Feminism is NOT a tool to turn women into men. It explicitly urges the society to value and give opportunities to women because of merit, and not to deny them because of the kind of genitalia they posses. For this reason, us women do not have to dress or act masculine to get the respect we deserve. It is okay to be feminine, and overly graceful, and ladylike, and stylish (and once in awhile emotional) because Feminism is a fight for being women. Trying to become more manly to get respect, defeats the whole purpose of Feminism. Most astonishingly, we forget the obvious fact that our biology, our hormones and physical attributes will never allow this to happen anyway.

So ladies, be ladies. Be you. You, are just as capable enough to do great things.

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6 comments on “The Misunderstood F Word

  1. woow!! amazing eye opener. I love it.

  2. Awesome piece of work.

    I appreciate this view of feminism, and I like it.!!!

    Go gal.! 💜

  3. Wow, you are forgiven for making my heart fonder 🙂 …this is the best article for my sister who just completed form for to read. It will greatly inspire her. I like when you say “Trying to become more manly to get respect, defeats the whole purpose of Feminism” — I believe that every woman is capable of doing great things. I have started acquiring volunteer programmes with different organizations like AkiraChix to inspire young women with interest in technology. I am sure it will be awesome to get it from a man that “They can do even much better than men, if they put their hearts and efforts to it.”

    I don’t believe they have to see successful women to believe in their ability. #GirlsBeStrong

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