I can be quite religious... It's a good thing for me.

I can be quite religious… It’s a good thing for me.

It has been almost a month since I posted something up! Well, this hiatus is officially over. Many things happened in these four weeks: the last holy days of Ramadhan, then Eid celebrations and spending time with that side of the family (I tell you, no place does Eid festivals like Mombasa!) I got to spend a few wonderful days at the Coast, then I was back to the capital city. I have been doing a lot of soul searching and planning about my future, mainly because I decided on a career change. I know! Big deal here. Then we moved houses, so packing, unpacking, a lot of arranging and rearranging my life. Nevertheless, I came out of it alive and in one piece! Full of vigor for great things. In other words, I am Back! In full swing, with a Bang. Call me Miss Bumerang! (This is what listening to a little hip hop does to me..)

Anyways speaking of Ramadhan, it’s been like two weeks since the holy month came to an end and we celebrated Eid-ul Fitr. Those thirty days of fasting came and went so fast it’s a wonder. It was a very peaceful month. Calm, busy but easy-going, and quite spiritual. It was that month when there were fewer arguments, less fights, people being more kind and helpful to each other, no insult-throwing or abusive moments, no getting drunk and behaving appallingly, less lies and more understanding. You see on this month, Muslims do not just fast, but become the best person they can be. They refrain from bad behavior, treat others well and revel in prayers, and various religious supplications. Not that we are meant to be nice only on this month, but in doing so during this particular period, we get more blessings and additional reward. On the other hand, doing otherwise during this holy month is overly sinful. It is considered something close to a heavenly felony to do bad during this month. This will bring you bad luck, misfortune, Allah’s wrath (on earth and in the day of judgment), among other misgivings. Ramadhan is a month of giving respect and acknowledging our creator. In other words, Muslims are their best form during this month. At the same time, this is the most peaceful of months; Evil is kept at bay. So what happens when this month comes to an end? What happens after Eidul-Fitr? Do we go back to our ‘evil’ ways? Do we yield to being mean, arrogant, insult-throwers, abusive, greedy, selfish, inconsiderate and uncouth?

I am pleased to say that I have not. See my life during Ramadhan is not very far off from my life during every other month of the year. I am that girl who orders Novida and energy drinks when we go out, and never gets drunk (okay I admit, I occasionally have a glass of wine or a bottle- or two- of Snapp). I am also that girl who others may call goody-two-shoes or a kill joy because I won’t make out with that stranger, expose my thighs and boobs in public, bendover against some random dude in a club or enjoy playing strip-poker. I am that lady who prefers sleepovers, night shopping, or hanging out at a restaurant and having fun with friends and loved ones, over dressing meagerly so as to go get drunk and club-hop. I am that woman who would walk away from a fight, not raise my voice aimlessly, or act hostile with people I know or even people I don’t. I probably do not know how to hold a grudge, and I find it extremely hard to intentionally hurt another being. And guess what? I have as much fun in my life as much as the next person!! I am too busy following my dreams, having fun my way and being happy. My life has less drama, I almost certainly have less stress and things to worry about, plus really, everybody likes me (okay, maybe that’s pushing it too far; let’s just say I have only a few foes and I get along with all kinds of people). Life is actually Good.

What I’m I driving at? It is okay to be kind and nice to people. It is okay to not indulge in some form of debauchery every week. It is okay to want to be Righteous. Yes, many people you know abandon themselves to all sorts of habits and deeds they wouldn’t admit to their parents, but if you do not feel comfortable on that bandwagon, if some things don’t feel right to you, it is okay to say No to them. You owe nobody anything. No obligation to follow, and no explanation. You, and only you, should decide who you want to be. And if the path to righteousness comes easy for you, if being kind and humble makes you content, if your conscience is pleased when you don’t involve yourself with things you consider not right in your eyes, if being all this still allows you to follow you dreams, live and laugh your heart out, then why not? Dear human being in the 21st century, it is okay to stay away from things that will get you wondering about consequences afterwards.

Let not the society or peer pressure force you into uncomfortable situations. If you feel like you have to be this particular way to be accepted, it is not worth it. This goes to all people out there who want to be a little bit more righteous. It is okay to be you. You do not have to be what is considered ‘hip’ among your peers to have a happy and successful life. If being so tickles your fancy, then well and good, go all out and be happy. However, don’t give up your virtue just to please your fellow human beings. Personally, I find it a lot easier being one person with everyone, compared to being a rendition of ten other people. You know, the person you are with your parents, the person you are with your best-friend, the person you become when fasting, the person you become in church, the person you turn out to be in front of your boss, the person you are when nobody is looking, the different people you are with the different groups of friends and acquaintances you have… It is okay to want to be righteous, because I only get to be one person at all times. That one person who fits everywhere. It’s just me. One me. And the people who matter in my life, plus many others in this universe, love me just the way I am. Being this, brings balance to my life. So yes, it’s okay to be righteous; whether it’s Ramadhan or not. In fact, it’s more than okay.


5 comments on “TRIBUTE TO RAMADHAN

  1. An eye-opener for some of us who are not Muslims. I always believe Islam has a deeper insight than any other religion. Maybe close only to Hinduism. Islam played a significant role in transforming the lives of Malcolm X, Tupac Shakur, and Muhammad Ali among others into become the best and the greatest. Yes. Keep being you. You are only One on this Earth.

  2. Reblogged this on ismail Smiles and commented:
    beautiful .. just the way you are i can vouch. True story here. You only you

  3. proud indeed and i vouch that you what you are . NICE !! and you are you

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