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They say if you expect nothing from anybody, you are never disappointed. I say that is bull. Now I have no doubt that the likes of Sylvia Plath and Patricia McCormick are considered good at coming up with great quotes, but I have a bone of contention with this particular quote. They make it sound like having expectations is a bad thing. This quote sounds like having no expectations is the best solution to having no disappointments. Again, I call this a blatant lie, an obvious fallacy, a fragrant untruth.

Expectations DO NOT lead to disappointment. Unrealistic expectations do. Of course I have expectations on the new president I got elected. I expect him to do a lot better than the previous one. I expect his government to manage the economy, education and security. I however do not expect him to provide laptops to EVERY single primary school student in the country. Expectations keep people on their toes. Without them, people would find it so easy to go against their word, to behave recklessly and to cause harm to themselves and others. The father is expected to take care of his family, just like the doctor is expected to make unwell patients feel better. In other words, I have a right to have expectations because I should.

I have expectations. High Expectations.

I have expectations. High Expectations.

Expectations do not just come from nowhere; people’s actions, words and titles solicit certain expectations. What do I mean? When a man courts a woman, and goes all out to treat her right, takes her to places and buys her gifts, the woman then expects all that to go on even after they become official. When a parent sees how well you have performed in your school tests, she will obviously expect you to perform the same during your end year examination. Similarly, when I pay thousands of shillings for a hairdo at the salon, I expect the hairdresser to do a hell of a good job. In other words, if you do not expect, then you are sure to be disappointed. There is a reason why we give people second chances. After enough groveling, heart-felt apologies and promises of becoming a better person, we give them a second chance because we expect them to keep their word. We expect them to not repeat their mistakes. We expect them to prove us wrong- or right. So I do not get what people mean when they say that having no expectations prevent disappointments. I bet they expect me to believe that.

I expect much from life. I expect enough from my relationships. I expect good things to happen to me. I expect that my phone battery would last the whole day. I expect to drive a big car by twenty-six. I expect to get married before I am thirty. My expectations will make me do something about it so as not to fail. My expectations also give me hope, ambition, and productive drive. In fact, if I do not expect anything from anyone, it means I expect them to disappoint me. So expect away, you have all the right to do so.

meet your expectations-ralph-marston


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