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Lost but Found 2

I know I know I have been away for far too long. A lot was going on. I was not in balance with my three selves; my spiritual, health and psychological self. It has come to my knowledge that if any of these three entities are not steady, I am most likely to fall apart. However, I’m getting it all back gladly. Taking my life back and all. Life is what we make it right?

Anyways, what have I been up to? A LOT. Work, some Examinations, Friends, and a lot of family time. I guess I needed this. Into the bargain, I had a field trip that had to do with an eco-enterprise survey in Narok, and it was AMAZING. I have never been to that part of the country, so for me, it was partly work and mostly adventure. Plus it fell on my birthday weekend! I thought we would have been done by then, I even had planned a salsa-birthday evening with friends, but I had to cancel. Nevertheless, I had FUN! Hiked, talked to many Maasai folks, learnt a new culture and several new Maasai words, had a road trip, made new friends, ate so much meat and of course, took loads of photos. I even attended a Maasai wedding!!!

Narok Things!

Narok Things!

Afterwards, I came back to Nairobi, and did my exam, put back my spiritual life back in order and started thinking about my future once more. I have found it important to once in awhile evaluate your present, check your progress, plan a better future and take action! We can learn so much from Harvey Specter people…

What he said.

What he said.

In other news, we also celebrated my grandmother’s birthday at Talisman (they have delicious food!), and I started this new exercise routine I put together. I have to say, my birthday month

My grandma Rocks!  *sings* Don't you wish your grandma was cool like mine *sings*

My grandma Rocks!
*sings* Don’t you wish your grandma was cool like mine *sings*

November has been very good to me. I have God to thank for that.
So what is new?? Keeping track of my current progress…

Book I am reading: The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz (a birthday gift I got from my favourite aunt)
New Stuff I own: A lot, considering all my birthday gifts and the shopping I have been doing, but most importantly, My new Spectacles! (Yes people, I can see again)

Cool Geek right here ^_^

Cool Geek right here ^_^

Favorite Activity I did: Traveled to Narok!
Pastime of the month: Reading a lot of magazines.
...So yeah, I love reading... -_-

…So yeah, I love reading… -_-

Most embraced attitude: Being Hopeful 🙂
Favorite new item in my closet: This gorgeous cream trench coat, and of course a pair of beige-coloured heels.
*click click click* Where are those noisy floors!!

*click click click* Where are those noisy floors!!

Favorite Video of the Month: Click Here This kid is way too cute and adorable..
Was Lost now Found: I have started to eat healthy again! ^_^
Most Surprising event: Was super surprised and excited to know that the famous TEDx would happen in Nairob!! I know, I almost can’t believe it.
Achievements of the month: I finished school! I also finally replaced my lost ID and ATM cards! On that note, nice work you’re doing Huduma Centres.
New thing taken up: Exercising! Yup, every morning before I take my shower.
Looking forward to: The year 2015!! 🙂
Currently working on: A new Anime Review site. Coming soon…
I’m most Thankful for: My Best Friends Rhodah and Warren, who have been there for me this one last challenging month. In addition, My family, especially my grandma, my phone (for the good music, keeping me connected, camera and Instagram!), oh and Jack. Last but not least, Thanks a lot Jude for that amazing idea you gave me!
New plans: Next item on my list: Moving Out to my own place!
Wish me luck!


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