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Pick Me Up

Zero to Hero #22: What is the one word or phrase that immediately cheers you up when you hear it?


Let it Go. Three words. One phrase. Powerful message. My personal mantra. This phrase keeps me from going into depression or worry unproductively. When I’m sad, I say these words to myself and they go a long way in helping me get over it. When I’m angry, I repeat these words. They aid me in letting go of my anger and allow me to start thinking better. When I’m worried over something that went wrong, I think about these words. They encourage me to let the past (mistake) go, and focus on the present and the future. And When I am holding back from something I need to do, when I’m scared and unsure, these words can get me to snap out of it and give my all. I Let go.

Any of the above situations happen in just about every of my day to day life. I could be at home relaxing, or out and about, at work, giving a presentation or even when hanging out with friends or acquaintances. Have you watched the animation Movie Frozen? If you have then you definitely remember the part where Elsa decides to let loose her magic. You know, when Elsa ran away into the wilderness in the snow and just let go of her ‘icy-snowy’ powers after having hidden for a long while? For a moment there I can relate to Elsa. (P.S: I love all Demi Lovato’s songs!)

Elsa Letting it go..

Elsa Letting it go..

Let it go. Those words get me in my zone. My performing zone. My happy and fulfilled zone. So yeah, all I have to do is utter these words over and over to myself…and maybe imagine some hot male cheerleaders cheering me on! I choose to LIVE! This works for me, what word or phrase works for you?

umh...yeah, male cheerleaders

umh…yeah, male cheerleaders

P.P.S: ‘Chin Up Buttercup!’ Works just fine too ^_^

P.P.P.S: Yeah, i like having Plan A, B, C an every other plan in the alphabet!


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