Write it down, type it out...

Write it down, type it out…

I have been told it is productive to keep track of your life. That sometimes one should just step back and see what is going on in it. That way you can stop yourself from walking into any possible ruins, foresee something in the near future, improve a certain part of your life or just see something in it that will make you feel better. And what better way to do it than this way! So I saw it here first, and then read something similar in This is Ess; and I just had to try it out.

Making : a list of the things I need to get done by the end of the month. I like making weekly and monthly To-Do Lists ^_^

Cooking : supper. Actually, boiling the beans first. Wanna have Chapatis and Beans stew tonight…

Drinking : no alcohol. Yes, I don’t drink. Well, I wouldn’t call the occasional sipping of a glass of wine drinking, would you?

Reading : The Perks of Being a WallFlower by Stephen Chbosky. It’s quite moving really. And I just found out that the movie was released in October 2012! No I didn’t watch it, but I definitely plan to.

Wanting : my days to have more hours. 24 isn’t enough anymore…

Looking: at pictures of Theo James. Somebody uploaded some Divergent photos on Facebook. Yup, he’s now my new celebrity crush. Plus he’s English not American! Channing Tatum was my previous one; then he went ahead and got married. He’s still a total Hottie though.

Theo freakin' James

Theo freakin’ James

Playing : Subway surfers! My 8year old cousin introduced me to this game, and I love it!

Wasting : no time in publishing this post immediately I’m done

Sewing : back the ripped seam of my yellow dress. I did that today morning. Apparently I’m pretty good with a needle and thread.

Wishing: that Hollywood decides to turn the book Love Lies by Adele Parks into a movie! I loved it! All ladies should read this. Quite insightful.

Enjoying: listening to Hot Chelle Rae. Have you heard their song “I like it like that” featuring New Boyz?? I love it!

Waiting: to watch some News. I’m not a huge fan of this, but this is me turning over a new leaf. A very new leaf.

Liking: how the sun was out today! It was such a lovely and bright day.

Wondering : if I’m too old to own a teddy bear…

Loving : my new glossy purple nail polish!

Hoping : to move out to my own place by the end of the month.

Marveling: at how stars twinkle at night. Marvelous phenomenon.

Needing : uumh, right now I’ll say Oxygen.

Smelling : the aroma of groundnuts!! Now I want some. I want groundnuts right now!

Wearing : my hair up in a pony tail.

Following: @Sheenjoroge and @shikongure on Twitter. They are in my book club. How did i not follow you two earlier??

Noticing: how my nails grow fast of late.

Knowing: that I do not miss school and neither do my friends. *smug face*

Thinking: about what I will wear tomorrow. It takes me forever to choose an outfit in the morning

Feeling: Hungry. No I did not get my groundnuts! I might as well just finish up making supper.

Bookmarking: and registering up in Goodreads! Free lovely online books!

Opening: up more in my recent blog posts ^_^

Giggling: at… No I’m not giggling right now. But I wanna watch the Movie That Awkward Moment after the news, I bet I’ll be giggling and laughing in a few.. 🙂

So there! That wasn’t hard. You should do it too! It’s fun!

Writing that felt good...

Writing that felt good…


8 comments on “KEEPING TRACK OF ME #1

  1. 3 years down the line I’m still fascinated by yo blogs. keep writing..! cheers!

  2. i like it like that , am not surprised you keep coming up with creative stuff, keep them coming and post them on facebook

  3. Awesome kama kawa. Keep it up!

  4. I also waste so much time in the morning so I start planning the night before.Lol.


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