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I started watching Carrie Diaries season 2. Yup, I admit I am a huge fan! I don’t know if its cause of her gorgeous fashion, the way she dresses and put different pieces of clothes together, the way she accessorizes. Or maybe it’s the day to day life drama that she goes through in school and at her internship at Interview Magazine that I more often than once relate to. I also like watching it because not only do I think a lot like she does (no seriously, i think about everything. I even think about the fact that I think about everything)…I also write and blog a lot.
P.s: I also think Sebastian is such a hottie!!

You don't have to ask twice...Yes I will marry you Sebastian! ^_^

You don’t have to ask twice…Yes I will marry you Sebastian! ^_^

Anyways, what I’m trying to say is that I have learnt a few things about life while watching this wonderful series. Currently, I’m on episode eight but I couldn’t help sharing my thoughts and the lessons I got so far. You see I usually make sure I get something out of everything I watch; whether it’s a series, a movie or documentary. It could be from learning how to pronounce certain words, to how to deal with certain happenings in life, or how to look at certain situations differently, or how to get over some things, or how to wear that particular outfit and mostly how to twist a plot into something interesting. The creativity. The Intrigue. I can’t help it, I’m a writer. Nevertheless, here are the most important things I learnt so far from Carrie Diaries season 2.

Carrie, Jill "Mouse", Samantha, Donna and Walt at the VIP Z100 concert celebrating Walt's 18th birthday.

Carrie, Jill “Mouse”, Samantha, Donna and Walt at the VIP Z100 concert celebrating Walt’s 18th birthday.

I learnt that sometimes, things may not go your way but good things may come out of it all. And hence you have to let go to make way for something amazing. Sometimes we tend to mourn and fuss over something gone and fail to notice what was gained instead. When Carrie lost her bag, she was devastated. Other than her bag having a lot of her important possession, it belonged to her late mum and hence was quite sentimental. But through losing it, she met Samantha; who became an amazing friend (and who knew just who to call to get VIP tickets to the most prestigious concerts and places!). Carrie got over her excessive worrying over her lost handbag and started enjoying what she now had. God knows I could learn a thing or two from this! Later, Carrie landed an amazing interview with this totally hot, super sweet and utterly interesting Adam Weaver (who was an upcoming celebrity writer) but she couldn’t share his story to the world because it was too personal to him and he didn’t want the world to know. So yes, Carrie told her boss; and even though she missed the opportunity of getting her work published on that particular magazine issue, she ended up having a good relationship with Weaver.

Carrie and Weaver having a moment. I know, Adam Weaver is a hottie too!

Carrie and Weaver hanging out. I know, Adam Weaver is a hottie too!

I also learnt that sometimes we put too much emotion and attachment to items and things that we end up losing some of the control. There was something that Samantha said when Carrie lost her late mom’s bag and was whining endlessly. That it’s just a bag, not her mom. Her mom’s memories will always be there, and in fact they should go and buy a new bag! Did I mention that I also relate to the shopaholics in this series… ^_^
We emotional humans, especially we who possess the double X chromosomes, tend to attach too much unnecessary emotion to items or things that eventually make it harder for us to move on. When in reality, things are just things!

Samantha and Carrie hanging out..

Samantha and Carrie hanging out..

In relation to the above lessons, I came to understand that for one to move on with her present, she has to let go of some of her past. That the past will always find a way of pulling you back to the same uncomfortable spot you don’t wanna be in and keep you from enjoying your present. Fate won’t always make a decision for you by taking something away from you; sometimes, YOU have to make the decision yourself. Let go. Shut that door. Cut all links. It could be that beloved ex of yours who cheated on you, it could be a past mistake, it could be a bad memory…some things are best left where they are. In the past.

Carrie’s diary input (and also somebody in my life) made me see how most times you only need one person to believe in you, to hear you, to get what you are saying for you to make it. There will always be people who are going to be against you, there will be people who would not believe in what you stand for, and it only takes one person to understand you and all will be well. It doesn’t matter how different you may be, your purpose on earth wasn’t to please everyone. I learnt to give credit to people who really matter to me. I learnt to believe in myself more and that it is pointless- and impossible- trying to please everyone.

And lastly, i came to comprehend how telling the truth or rather not hiding what you feel saves everyone so much trouble. Telling a lie leads to a lot of unnecessary and uncomfortable situations that would have been avoided if the truth was known from the start. It’s better to give it up straight and deal with it, instead of creating a web of lies about it that will only get me into trouble! Plus the truth might be taken better than we think! Ask Carrie and Maggie. They would know.

Carrie and Maggie..

Carrie and Maggie..

I would say I’m in that point of life where I could use these particular lessons. And Carrie Diaries couldn’t have emphasized them enough! #TeamCarrieDiaries

P.s once again: Larissa is such a fireball! I love her character, and her British accent! Lovely!

Larissa doing her thing

Larissa doing her thing

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