Going Obsolete

Zero to Hero #19: Of all the technologies that have gone extinct in your lifetime, which one do you miss the most?

Floppy Disks! I know, nowadays people use flash disks, memory cards, external hard disks and other optical storage devices to store stuff from the computer, but who remembers the 3 and half inch floppy disks? I do! I used to love them. They were thin and flexible and they came in different colours. Unlike the CDs that use optical mechanism to store information, floppy disks were magnetic.

Aren't they cute..

Aren’t they cute..

I remember using them. Yes I was not born the other day. We learnt about them in school too. I used the 1.44MB storage one and I sort of miss how colourful they looked. They were so in fashion then! I also liked how they got swallowed up by the disk drive, and how they would shoot out when you pressed that button to eject them.

I know, I sound like a kid (yes, I am not one) but I was the time they were the IN thing. I don’t remember having a floppy disk casing though; I used to keep mine in between my books! My favourite book of the moment. I also miss them because I remember the day I and my fellow IT classmates were each given their own floppy disks. I was so happy and I kept checking it everytime to confirm that I still had it. I even wrote my name on it in a coloured felt pen and drew flowers around it. I know, I was such a girl.

I haven’t seen floppy disks being used for awhile now. I think they are really extinct. New computers and laptops don’t have the floppy disk drives anymore… It happened so fast, I don’t even remember where the bunch of floppy disks at home went to. So yeah, maybe we don’t use them as storage devices anymore cause they have very limited space and they aren’t that cool no more, but wouldn’t it be awesome if I had a floppy disk notebook?!! (BTW my birthday is in a few months. *Jussayin*)

You just can't help writing in them. I would need a box of these!

You just can’t help writing in them. I would need a box of these!

I mean how cool is having a colourful floppy disk pen-holder?! Totally!

I hope they come in purple and pink too! ^_^

I hope they come in purple and pink too! ^_^

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