Blue, Pink, Green, Purple…
You must be wondering why I chose those particular colours up there… I had a debate with myself the other day on which one I consider my favourite colour. I used to love blue, since I was a young girl. Maybe cause I got a blue jumbo junior coin saving ele-bank, or maybe cause I wasn’t girly back then, or maybe cause I just love the ocean and the colour of the sky. But I just loved colour blue. Well around two years ago, things changed, I started liking other colours. It’s like the love-blue phase started fading away and I started liking other colours too. I started liking green; though that didn’t last. Then I started liking…Girly colours. I’m talking lilac, purple and pink!! It must be because I started exploring the girly side of me. So for the last year, I have been battling with myself on which exactly is my favourite colour. Is it blue or pink?

So one of my girlfriends say I may have a double-personality. I mean that would explain a lot. See I love wearing dresses, going shopping, the occasional gossiping with my girlfriends, and watching sappy romantic movies; but I also don’t fall into a pool of helpless goo when in the presence of a hot guy, I don’t care much about my relationship status, I love Rock, and I enjoy playing video games. I know, I can be such a girl! But I’ve also been told I can be quite intimidating sometimes. Maybe they are right. I do have a double-personality. That would explain why I am such a Diva when putting on high heels, but semi-tom boy hiking all over the place when I’m in sneakers and jeans. P.s: I can do that shoulder-bump thing guys do pretty well!

I still love blue. I think. I’m not sure anymore because I might just be holding on to the younger me back then. I have a blue towel, blue bathroom slippers, blue buckets, blue soap dish, blue bathroom cloth and blue curtains. I still have blue in my life, but for the last one year I also acquired quite a number of pink and purple items (including a big purple teddy bear). Nevertheless, I cannot be a Pink Girl. I am not THAAT girly. I am too smart and weird to be one of the pink girls. Plus the pink items I possess are only my smart phone, my earphones, my bed sheets, my toothbrush, one of my pretty bracelets, the colour of lipstick I started putting on, my favourite underwear… Oh shit. I am turning into a pink girl. This can’t be. My toothbrushes used to be blue, but last month I saw this cute pink one and I had to buy it. *shakes my head forcefully* No. I cannot a Pink girl, maybe that’s why I have started to embrace colour purple. It’s NOT pink, and it’s not very far from blue, and it’s still feminine enough. Sigh, maybe my favourite colour should be Purple.

Why do I not love blue as much as I used to? Well, as I said earlier, I started embracing my feminine side. I started talking, walking, thinking and acting a lot more like a girl. Well most of the time. In addition, blue is more of a boy colour. Many guys I know love blue. Come think of it, they don’t have many colours to choose from you know, other than black, white, grey and blue. None of them can admit liking any of the other colours lest they are considered gay. So I think a part of me decided to not take that colour away from them too. And no, I do not want to have matching stuff with the guy I’m dating. This definitely explains why I don’t have as many blue items as I used to.

But again I repeat; I CANNOT be a Pink Girl. There was a time, just when the love-blue phase started to fade, I decided I was making Turquoise my fovourite colour. You know, cause it combines blue and green and comes out with a unique girly feel to it. But there aren’t that many turquoise items out there. Not many stuff come in this colour so it didn’t work. I still had a dilemma when it came to choose a particular colour for the items I bought.

So I think Purple will do it for me. It’s mixture of my tough and also my girly side. From now onwards, purple is the colour I’ll choose. Although I don’t like dark purple much, the light one is good. Not very light though, just not dark. Here we go again… Sigh.




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