Reasons Part II : My Love For Reading…

Twenty. Those are the number of novels I have read in the last two months. I know, even I can’t believe this is humanly possible, considering I still have a life; and I have been living it. But it is! Only two were hard copies though. You know, the tree-turned-to-paper hard covered books. The rest are all e-books. Thank God for the Internet. My phone just became an E-reader and I love it!

I need to get myself one of these awesome e-readers though...

I need to get myself one of these awesome e-readers though…

I love that I don’t have to trudge around town and through bookshops to look for interesting books anymore. I love that I only have to use a few internet bundles to get me through an entire book and as a result get to use my money to buy other stuff; like a dress or that pair of shoes. I also love that I don’t have to carry a book around or a bigger handbag to get space enough for the novel I’m currently reading. I love the fact that I have access to tens and thousands of books right in my hand; and purse. I love my phone even more because now it holds all the lovely interesting and intriguing novels I could ever want to read. So yeah, there is a reason why I am no longer a die-hard member of the Facebook and Twitter Association. (Wait. Do people still use My space? Just curious). I hereby send my heartfelt sincere apologies to my loyal facebook and twitter fans…I mean friends. With all these e-novels with me, I just can’t help it. They are un-put-downable!

Reading the book on my phone. Magical right?

Reading the book on my phone. Magical right?

You are probably wondering how in the world I managed to read 20 novels in the last 2 months. You see, now that the novels are in the palm of my hands, literally-as in in my phone, I get to read them anywhere and everywhere. In bed, on the sofa, in the kitchen (as I wait for the food in the microwave to warm), in the bathroom, in the bus, in a boring class, under a tree etc. Sometimes I even read it while walking around school, it’s my 4th year in the compound so I pretty much know my way around. In addition, I can read it in the dark. You know, since my phone emits light. I believe all phones do. I fucking love Technology!
Anyways, with my phone, I don’t have to worry much about forgetting the page I read last. Bookmarks out-of-the-way, I just check out my internet history or just log into opera mini and the page comes on. I sorta leave my tabs running without exiting everytime I leave opera mini. And yoh, by bookmarks I mean the pretty paper ones that we put in between real paper paged books and not the internet links sorta bookmarks.

I love reading. A lot. I get to learn new things, experience all sort of new feelings, and travel to new places. Reading teaches me things that I haven’t been taught by school, family or friends. I like the way I can go to places, different places I have never been to. I love the way images are formed in my mind, how the numerous characters are brought into existence and how everything falls into place. I love the way the words give life to every single bit of it. I love how it makes me emotional and happy or sad or curious or scared. I love reading cause the words and images make me laugh. I love reading cause I get to ‘meet’ different people. I immensely enjoy the stories behind the characters, how the plots build up, and how it ends. Yeah I admit it, I’m a sucker for happy endings! But I also love the ups and downs the characters go through. I guess I can withstand it all- the tragedy and the trauma- cause I kinda know all will be well at the end.

I love reading cause of how a character’s entire life can be condensed in just a book! Sometimes it feels nice to see how one can end a scene or part of somebody’s life by merely ending a chapter. It’s like one can skip all other possible misfortune that can happen to a character, and just start a new chapter that suits the reader’s mood. My mood. I love books that have more good than bad in them. I love getting lost in their world. ‘Cause sometimes I wanna take a break from this world. Don’t get me wrong, I can handle real life and all, but sometimes it can get a bit too much. And where else would I rather be than inside a perfectly described story, inside somebody else’s life. Without having to move from that couch. Without any voodoo witchcraft or use of a surrogate or that mind transferring thing with wires and machines we see in movies. Though I kinda loved Pacific Rim. Cool movie.


So yeah, I love reading cause I love happy endings; and I think we don’t have enough of them in real life. I also love mystery; I love suspense and solving challenges. I love reading cause I learn so much from it. I learn things that are happening in the different parts of the world without really going there. I love reading because I get to enrich my speech. I get to know how different words and phrases are used. I love learning new words, and their meanings. I love reading because it makes me smarter. I love reading because of the life changing exposure. And because my ‘interaction’ with the different characters in the books make me understand people better in real life. I love reading because I love knowing how others think.

And lastly, I love reading because I love writing. It helps in more ways than one.
I just fucking love reading.


5 comments on “Reasons Part II : My Love For Reading…

  1. lol i prefer you buy kindle its a womans bestfriend has free books all genres

  2. […] for my phone. Hey, you can’t blame me. Do you know how much a bundle-gobbler Instagram is?? Plus I read on-line books and download some… Then I’ll call all my friends and chat […]

  3. Oh, that’s cool. Maybe i will.. In the near future 🙂
    Hope they don’t block out some books like in epubbud..

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