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Yesterday, my young brother put up a photo without his T-shirt on, and my first reaction was,
“‘Why in the world would you put up a half-naked photo of yourself?! I don’t want you turning into those instagram-twitpics-facebook photo-uploading junkies whose main intention of putting up half naked photos of themselves is to get superfluous groupies or worse get free lays!”
The big-sister side of me showed up loud and over-protective. He just joined the university and I don’t want him to be negatively influenced by the masses, I told myself, obviously trying to justify my reaction. But after a while, I thought maybe I was overreacting. I guess my reaction should have been more like
“Looking good bro. I can see you’ve been working out heh.. *poke* Campus must be treating you well. *smiley face*”
I mean he’s 19 now; legally a grown up (OK fine, practically too). I mean you would be surprised how mature and sound-minded he is. Nevertheless, no matter how old he becomes or how big he grows, he will always be my small brother. And I will always protect him whenever I can.

What I’m I getting at? I care about my brother, and even though it might not seem to be the case with society, he is my responsibility as his big sister. His mistakes are partly my fault if I knew about them and did nothing about it. Parents present or not, I will guide him through life. I would not let him go astray while I just watch by; neither will I let him miss any good opportunities in life. I will be there to show him how to be his best, how to succeed and how to be happy. I care about him, and I will always be there for him. Both of them.
I have come to understand why most of us act irresponsible and reckless most of the time. It’s because we are selfish. We think that we own our time, our life, and our worldly belongings. We can do whatever we want with our lives and nobody should be concerned with whatever we do. We don’t care whether our actions affect somebody else or not. We feel like we owe nobody anything. In fact, we don’t see why we should be nice to others; I mean what’s in it for us? We don’t know that what we do now will not only affect us in the near future, but will also affect the people around us.

We are too busy trying to ‘enjoy’ our lives, ‘living it to the fullest’, not caring much about the people or things around us. You only live once right? Well, snap out of it! When have we ever lived more than that?! Living like that won’t make your responsibilities go away. How do you explain the obscene language and the foul behaviour we see on the internet and in real life? In Africa people say that’s us following the West, but if so who are the West following? The world has not become a bad place, the people in it have. I believe that if we take up the responsibilities we seem to ignore, the world will be a lot less nasty.
For me it’s my younger brothers, and my young friendly mentees, and the members of the school clubs I am a leader in. They look up to me. I don’t have time or the energy to do cocaine and drink myself into a pulp because I have my responsibilities that don’t let me. I wouldn’t want to be seen drunk and doing shameful things at night and then trying to lead a bunch of my age mates into doing the right thing the next day. I guess I’ve put a lot of focus into showing my brothers and my mentees the right choices in life that doing the stupid things in my lifetime almost never cross my mind.

I also have a responsibility to my future; the biggest responsibility of them all. I want the future me to be well established, content and happy. The present me has no intentions of letting that person down. I have decided to be locked into what I am supposed to be doing and try to figure out my future into what course I want my life to take. My money is budgeted into making my responsibilities right and of course making myself a better person and I don’t have enough left to throw away into a life of heavy partying every day or pretending to be somebody I’m not.

My family and friends are another responsibility of mine. I respect, love and cherish them. I would not treat other people badly, strangers or not, because I wouldn’t want anyone treating my family and friends badly. So when I am making life decisions, I not only think of myself, but also my family and friends. This way I keep my head straight and rarely have unnecessary urges to plot evil plans against another.

I would want to presume that the many young people out there are in school, at work or aspiring to be in either of the two. And some are in both! We have our studies to think about, our part or full time work to focus on, not to mention any extra-curricular activities or hobbies to enjoy. Personally I am too worried about myself and these responsibilities to plot riots or cause havoc in other people’s lives.

Spending time with family and friends, attending events and workshops for the good of your future, being a mentor to your younger siblings and other mentees, taking care of your studies, work, or both, enjoying your hobbies, having some highly crucial alone time and not to mention sleep; where do people get the time to be evil? Where do people get the time to mess up other people’s lives and theirs while at it?? All of these responsibilities prevent me from blindly following the crowd. I have taken it in me to encourage myself and people around me to succeed. I believe my life is in my hands and I am the one to be held accountable to everything that happens. So yes, I have a responsibility to myself! My health- mental and physical, my appearance, my happiness, my success and my well-being in general.

Responsibility is just a word I used to make you see the importance of the things you have in your life; but all it is, is life. Living is all the things I have mentioned; and I suggest people start living. Turning ourselves into a mediocre of life doesn’t help us or anyone around us. People should be doing what they are supposed to be doing, and if you don’t know what that is then I recommend you figure it out ASAP. It is your sole responsibility to live like a legacy and leave others with it. Aspire, encourage and help those around you while you are doing the same to yourself. Let’s make the world a better place and be the change we all want. If not for yourself then for your future kids and grandkids..

My Two awesome younger brothers :-)

My Two awesome younger brothers 🙂


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