I have to admit. Of late I have been watching a lot of anime. That Japanese bug bit me hard! Who would have thought such productions could be so engrossing. What is Anime you ask? In a nut-shell, it’s Japanese animation. There is something about them that is just too captivating to pass. Maybe it’s the combination of colourful and awesome graphics, the fantastic themes and definitely the vibrant and gripping characters.

There’s always the protagonist who you can’t help but adore, the antagonist who you’d love to hate and of course several characters who support one or the other. The conflict between the two is usually something out of this world. So not predictable. That cliché feeling you get when watching movies…I never get that with Anime; and I have watched quite a number. If you don’t believe me, watch Shingeki no Kyojin. Many of the anime I have watched consists of characters having or obtaining certain magical or extra-ordinary powers. A good example is Bleach. Exaggerated? Maybe. But you wouldn’t want to miss a single episode! They have got me glued on the screen laughing and enjoying myself like nothing else.

Anime takes you to places you’ve never been or can imagine. Make you feel different arrays of emotions, keep you at the edge of your seat, and believe it or not, you will find yourself relating with one of the characters- or even more. It can be amazing, scary, exciting, sad, educating, hilarious and damn right entertaining!

I loooove the special effects and sounds that they use. Plus they have killer sound tracks, most of them of the Rock genre. I have to warn you though; anime can be a little bit violent sometimes…ok, a lot of times. But not the afraid-kids-will-do-that-at-home violent. That’s one of the good things about animations. Plus they have wonderful quotes about life..

Main characteristic of Anime characters is that they have exaggerated features, especially the females. If you ask me, the over-sized eyes, small nose and mouth is a good look. Too cute! The different characters would have different hair colour, walking styles, eye colour, hair length and of course gender. They blush so well and the look of surprise, is to die for! I also love the different clothes they usually wear, pure geniusness! It’s quite fascinating how almost every character has a past. An interesting past. Anime, is creativity at its best!

Even though these two terms are used interchangeably, Manga more or less refers to the written and drawn Japanese stories while Anime refers to the animated movies and TV shows. Manga is usually longer- have more episodes and is more diverse. Yes the characters speak flowy and amazing Japanese, but they come with subtitles. I believe anyone can enjoy watching Anime. The manga comics that can be made into a movie or a series, comprise of works in extensive range of genres; adventure, science-fiction, romance, fantasy, mystery, horror, sports, action, suspense, detective, business…and many more. Steins Gate is an amazing manga series about how a bunch of friends discovered a time machine on a microwave device. Death Note is about this boy who picked up a note book dropped by a Death god and any name written on the book with the face in mind, dies! Awesome stuff isn’t it?

My current favorites are Shingeki no Kyojin meaning the ‘Attack on Titan’ and also Deadman wonderland which involves characters that can control their blood, turning it into different fighting weapons. Maybe I should just stop writing about all the anime I have watched, and let you go out there and watch them on your own! There’s no doubt you will find one that will blow your mind off! And maybe get to learn some Japanese too.

To the person who introduced me to Anime, Arigato gozaimasu! And to those who haven’t watched any yet, ganbatte kudasai! 🙂

10 comments on “MY NEW LOVE FOR ANIME

  1. Nice post! I am a huge fan of Animes. Western adult Animes like Futurama, Simpsons, family guy etc. Thanks you for the enlightenment Zelly. I’ll will now find and watch japanese Animes.

  2. Awesome post but I have to make my 2cts known..as most people know me to do 🙂 it’s common place to find added scenes to anime that aren’t there in manga because manga is still and anime is live action so you’ll tend to find more stuff in anime that wasn’t included in it’s manga as opposed to the other way round. Also it’s not hard to come by long running anime that have fillers between the arcs to give time for the manga to develop further or whatever reasons the illustrators and writers give. Series’ like One Piece and Naruto at most times have fillers in between the arcs where the Naruto fillers are disassociated but the one piece fillers flow seamlessly into the anime you’d hardly know it was a filler..till you read the manga and find out it wasn’t there to begin with..
    Thanks for letting me intrude. Again great post, you picked up the excitement we all feel when we read and watch these thingies. if you want to read reviews of certain animes/mangas with a Kenyan Otaku’s opinion check out my friend’s link http://otakukenyan.blogspot.com/

  3. Your blog is great! I’m a voiceover artist so I love to hear fans talk about anime!

  4. can you name all of the anime in that pic up at the top of your blog?

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