Last weekend I attended a wedding. A Kenyan lady was getting married to a Nigerian man; it was a Muslim wedding. The story behind it is that they met in a university in Malaysia, where they both studied. And as they say, the rest is history. The wedding was held at a hall in Westlands. The beautifully decorated space with well adorned round tables and seats for seven, displayed the wedding colour combination of gold, cream and white. There were three glistening chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, surrounded by colourful dancing lights. I loved the long and shapely gold-coated metal flower holders carrying round bouquets flush with peonies placed on each table. The whole place was lovely; and so were the guests!


The hall was filled with friendly smiley faces that laughed and chatted away. Full of life! All this got me wondering what exactly usually affects people’s moods.. I mean for all we know, one of the guests could be going through a bad divorce, or was diagnosed with cancer, or lost a loved one, or failed an exam or worse… I bet most of the people there had totally completely different moods and facial expressions that following Monday morning. You wanna know what it is that got them so jovial and friendly? Seeing old friends maybe; or the good music that ranged from soothing to funky beats, or perhaps the happy faces of the bride and groom (who BTW looked spectacular), or lastly, the food. Yes, definitely the food! I mean the food they served that particular day was off-the-hook mouthwateringly delicious! You know that food that you would boldly go line up for round two. Not that I did, I’m just saying. Although I know who did.
*winks at Ruth and Fiona*

Yes, I made new friends and had an awesome afternoon! Loved the food, the music…and believe it or not, we went to the front and danced! Not only that, but it was all captured on video! I’m thinking I might appear on some Nigerian video someday. LOL. Anyways, I got the opportunity to meet one Samir M. Khan, a professional photographer. He was the main photographer at the wedding, taking photos of everyone and everything. Despite him looking all professional when he was taking pics around our table, he was far from a somber fella. Fiona, Ruth and I actually later got him to send us the pics he had taken us. But the best part was, which amazed us all, the fact that he had been the main photographer at Damarco’s performance! So we got a peek -pun intended- of what had happened that night on the stage. Who am I kidding, we saw it all! And yes, I saw close pics of the controversial lady who ended up being ‘exposed’ on stage after a dry humping session with Damarco. Things people do…smh.

The highlight of my day was this super-cute kid who was on the table next to ours. She spent almost the whole time with us, despite his dad, mom, and brother. She was so ever smiling and had a cute little voice. Her favorite snack of the day was the cake! Such little adorable faces got me looking forward to my own kids. After I’m done with school of course. When I’m ready. And earning. And after marriage. -_-

All in all, it was an afternoon well spent. I have to say I got a few tips and ideas for my wedding; and kids. I even got around to take a pic with her. (Couldn’t help it, she was too photogenic, plus she enjoyed being photographed!)


Doesn’t she just look adorable! Don’t we just look adorable! ^_^


4 comments on “THE WEDDING, DAMARCO, and the KID

  1. She looks like me 🙂 🙂 :-P…cute lil angel!! But y’all look good too

  2. You two look cute and adorable :-p

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