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Facebook used to be a fun place to go. We would catch up with old friends, be in contact with current ones, and make new ones almost every week. It was a place of learning current affairs, updating what was on our minds, jokes, stupid and weird statuses just to get a laugh or numerous comments, which more than often digressed to personal chitchats. People uploaded photos of the places they went to, events, friendly gathering and even photos of beautiful landscapes and phenomenal scenes. It was a place someone could go to have some literal fun, get a laugh or relax the lazy day away. We even had educational and intelligent groups that enlightened and entertained us fully. It was a nice place to be.

Then something happened. I do not know what and how it did, but things changed. Facebook isn’t a safe place anymore. The fun of it has been deliberately drained out and it’s now a sad place to be. People started updating threats, insults to certain groups of people, obscene incidences are updated, disheartening gossip, which ended up with even worse comments. My home page is now filled with warnings, and “survival tips” from rape, kidnappings, hijackings etc. I can’t get over all these tragedies of road accidents and murdering status updates from my Facebook friends. I have seen people more covered in pool parties than in the photos girls keep uploading nowadays. All for what? More ‘likes’ and flatteries?? We would easily give up our reputations and thrash our morals for a bunch of likes and comments from people we don’t know and may never meet?? We got our priorities all wrong, and we will eventually end up paying for it. Suddenly what virtual people view about us is much more important than our goals and good relationships with others, including our families. It’s sad really.

And the groups?? It’s depressing and loathsome!! People should be ashamed of themselves for creating and promoting such hideous and shameful groups full of sex escapades and dishonorable incidences, which aren’t even true. How does somebody get pleasure from updating and sharing such revolting information? What exactly do they want to achieve?? Do they worry not about the underage kids wandering in Facebook? Lewd entertainment has suddenly become a lot more important than inspiration to things that matter.

You didn’t start the groups but found them there you say? Well guess what? If you hadn’t liked, commented or shared that unbelievably lame update from that group you joined, I and the rest of us remorseful human beings would not have known about its existence! Do you know how disgustingly repulsive and ludicrous those “sexual stories” are?? Really? I mean I know there is a lot of unemployment going on in our country but really?? What has our society turned into? What kind of environment are we creating for our younger ones? Our children? We complain how the younger generation is spoilt, and that the world is evil but still go ahead and promote such vileness in the social media?! Who’s to blame for it? The illuminati? You think? It’s high time we stop blaming others for things we created ourselves. It’s about time we became the good big sisters, big brothers and great parents to those who are looking up to us; take back on our responsibilities. Because there is no one to blame but You and Me. The sooner we know that, the faster we will get this resolved.
For I fear for my unborn kids.


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