During the pre-election period the division of our nation was largely visible through the red T-shirts representing TNA and the orange ones for ODM. Nevertheless, the post-election results do not mean that one party has won. We all won the battle; for the elected member will serve us all. Both the orange and red can work together to create a phenomenal nation. And I am about to show you how the best way I can; through fashion.

Thanks to the ever-trending fashion style of colour blocking, you don’t have to go shopping every week to get a new wardrobe! You can mix colors together to create eye-catching and fabulously colourful outfits. Many colours are fantastic on their own but can be quite powerful in the right mix. A chic statement can be made with or without trend driven pieces.
You don’t have to buy a new wardrobe for every season, you can use the great pieces in your closet and make the most out of them by playing around with different color combination. This is usually done by picking two or three colours, then build everything around that. It enables you to create different outfits with one dress, top or skirt.

The following are steps to creating exceptional colour blocking pieces.
*Start with a neutral colour which could be white, black, grey, brown or the hues of blue found in denim jeans. This will pop out your outfit and make it look more polished.
*Then follow it up with the slightly saturated colour which in our case is red.
*And finish it off with the bright, bouncy colour orange.

shoes2 outfit1 shoes1

The colours above can be in form of pants, skirts, blouses, dresses, blazers, cardigans, scarves, bags, shoes, hats and berets, jewelry or belts. Yes! It’s not limited to just clothing.
necklace colorfulbag

If you are bold enough, you can go ahead and use the colour combination for your make up; that is eye shadow, lipstick, and even nail polish.

Note: if you mix up the colours in your outfit and make-up, it’s best to leave your jewelry in neutral colours so as not to throw the entire look off. You wouldn’t want to look like a Rubik’s cube, now would you?

You can pull off a perfect casual look. For instance a day out with friends would call for some orange pants, whereas that short red skirt will be perfect for a night out. An evening event or dinner will call for a short fitting dress, while a pretty long maxi dress can do for a picnic date or a hostess at a luncheon.
outfit2 outfit7
outfit3 outfit4

As for an official look, red and orange can also make it happen! Accompany it with a black handbag and black or grey shoes to tidy up the look.


Hey everyone, we remember her?

She’s Velma from Scooby doo..

It can be done.
Orange and red can make a perfect match.
Have fun doing it! 🙂



  1. Love this artical , I think fashion is as important as life. This whole articaol was enlightening to the idea of clothing .

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