I have to say this year has been really good for me, and I have a feeling it’s just about to get better. Both my school and social life have been looking up for me. We just got back the results for our first cats (no our school doesn’t teach us to rear felines, I mean continuous assessment tests!) and I am proud to say that I am performing pretty well. This doesn’t mean I killed my social life! I’ve attended fantastic gatherings and events, I have met amazing people and made quite a number of awesome friends! On that note, I want to talk about the dates I have been to this year. Just so you know, not all the guys that took me out were courting and wooing me, I happen to have awesome pals who know how to treat ladies out. Just a handful of course, actually just two close buddies in my life. Awesome company they are!

My emphasis here is the fact that they treat ladies well, whether they are dating them or not. And of course there is that guy who has asked you out and who you like back and you are thinking about saying yes to him.. Men, it’s not wasting time or playing hard to get, girls do this to test how much you mean it and of course get to know what she’s getting herself into. Anyway where was I…yes, the gentlemen. This year has showed me that chivalry is NOT dead. I know, I’m as surprised as you are! There are still men out there who pull out chairs for the lady, open doors for her, hold her when crossing the road, walk you to your car and make sure you are safely inside (okay fine the matatu), help the lady put on her coat, buy her dinner, check up on her often, never insult ladies (whether in real life or on social sites), remembers your birthday (and of course does something about it!), send you a good morning text every single day.. Etc. To me, chivalry depicts nobility, not just to her but also in general. I mean truthful, loyal, courteous, one who avoids scandal, helpful and even protective.

AN OFFICER AND A GENTLEMAN, Richard Gere, Debra Winger, 1982, (c) Paramount/courtesy Everett Collection

And I am here today to say that there are such men out there. Men I have met. Those who are naturally honorable and knightly. I have come to be acquainted with men who treat you well without necessarily wanting something from you. That’s why I am glad to say, there’s still hope for mankind. Not all men are rowdy and malicious and just after sex. We have men amongst us that treat ladies out there with much respect as they would their mother or sister. Men you can actually fall in love with before he even takes you out to that fancy restaurant. And I take this opportunity to acknowledge, applaud and appreciate them. You make us feel good; you also make us meek, you flatter us, and most of all give us hope for our future kids. They still have good role models around. 🙂



  1. Yeah I know that’s me…;)

  2. Wow! Just love what am reading. Thumbs up Zaiy

  3. indeed,there’s still hope for mankind

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