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Please help me understand my fellow Kenyans. Help me understand why according to the polls, the leading presidential candidate is a strong HAGUE suspect. Yes, they have strong evidence of him playing a role in the ever-scathing Post Election Violence, and that’s why at first they were six and now they are four. Please explain to me my fellow Kenyans why we want to elect someone who’s vice is also a HAGUE suspect, with a handful of scandals in just one term of governance.. Why are we trying to elect people we once extremely hated? Why?

Is this us trying to make criminals into heroes?  Do we really think they will be any better after giving them the most highest position a citizen can have in the country? They have appeared in the biggest scandals there have been, and more than once. Finance, defrauding the Kenya Pipeline Company of huge chunks of money, Maize scandal, and now crimes against humanity.. They have mistreated the common mwananchi with spite, despite their status and place in leadership. We have more memories of their scandals than we do of their achievements? Why would we want to “reward” them instead of making them pay for their mistakes? Why?

Please explain to me fellow Kenyans why we would trust people who broke our trust when we gave them a chance. Why would we give the leadership of our whole country to people who failed in just a ministry and in a constituency? Or why we think that the ones with the biggest of scams will make the best of leaders? Do we forget too soon? Do we forgive so easily? Do we not care about the lives and resources we lost already? Why can we all decide to wipe out impunity instead? Why do we want to give them another chance to hurt us again? Why?

I want to understand why we would elect people who already own half of the country. People whose fathers have already hurt us before, who’s past and present is tainted with filth. Why would we want to elect those whose time in power has done us more harm than good? Why would we give more power to people who already have more than enough power already.. Do we really think that if they didn’t instill good change with their existing power, they will do it after more power is thrown to them??

I want to understand why we would cheer and celebrate good candidates during the presidential debates but come election time, we choose the same culprits? I want to know what exactly is our deal. I want to know what exactly we want for ourselves. Do we know what we want for ourselves? Don’t we think we deserve better? Almost 50years after independence and we still think this of ourselves? Is this the best we can get? Why wouldn’t we choose good leaders instead? We have them on the candidacy, we have them in our lands, and we have them deep in our hearts. Why would we tick that criminal in and leave out the ones that have always wanted good for us, and even proved it? Why?

Why would we want to put our country into such jeopardy? Have we thought of what damage we will have done if we let them win? Have we thought of all the investors we will lose? All the opportunities we will have thrown away? And the good name and reputation of our country we would have trashed? All on our own?! Why should we suffer for their mistakes? Don’t we want better things for our nation and our children? Don’t we care about what damage we might cause? And what prize we might pay? Haven’t we paid enough already? Haven’t we suffered enough? Don’t we deserve better?

I would hate our nation to go from ‘the country that brought forth the father to the president of the United States and great athletes’ to ‘the country that gave their nation’s leadership to the hands of ICC Hague’s culprits’. Those charged with counts of crimes against humanity. I would hate to taint our good name, wouldn’t you? Guilty or not, do we really believe that’s the best we can get? That’s what we deserve? Why would we think this? I want to know why it has come to this. Why?

We condemn our own selves to misery over and over. We never learn. We are smart as humans can get but we never learn? Every five years we make the same mistakes? Isn’t it time we changed this? Until when will we do this? Is it because of the 500 shillings we were given during the campaign? Or the lies and deceit that we hear during every gathering? Is it just because he belongs to the same tribe as you do? Is it because he has good English? Is it because he dresses in expensive suits, dines in expensive hotels and has a good taste in cars? Why would someone think choosing a good candidate is a wasted vote? (Since the polls say he or she wouldn’t win?) I ask again until when will we do this? Do we love misery? Don’t we love our country? Don’t we want the best for our children?

I might not have decided on whom exactly I will vote for, but I know exactly who I will NOT vote for. I want a clean President this time, or rather a not so dirty one? I would not chose in a corrupt leader then complain about them the whole time they are in power (seems that’s what we Kenyans do best). I refuse to be taken for granted again. I chose prosperity. I chose moving forward. I choose good change. I choose peace. I love myself. I love my family. I love my yet to be conceived kids. I love my neighbourhood. And I love my country. Do you?


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