phone-earphonesJust had a call this morning from a girldfriend of mine and we plan to hook up on Monday afternoon. And I also have to remember to carry the book I borrowed from her. So I put that up on my phone calendar as a reminder. My phone does a lot of things!! I do not know how I can survive without it. It’s my calendar, my watch, it reminds me of stuff, it wakes me up in the morning- or after naps, it’s my camera, it has my music, it connects me with my family and friends and I use it to access my twitter and facebook, and my mails faster and anywhere! I use it to get away from awkward moments every time. Everybody does that; pretend you are on phone; it always works. I even use it to google my assignments, and occasionally my class tests (hope my lecturers are not reading this. If they are, of course I’m just kidding!).

So you can understand my disappointment when it fell in water the other day. Of course I automatically rushed in to its rescue! Superman has nothing on me where my phone is involved! I dried it up and it’s ok now, other than the occasional blackouts. Anyway, it got me thinking, how would it be without my amazing phone?? No texting, no pretty ringtones, no taking photos everywhere I go.. Can I really outlast that? Is it even humanly – actually zainably- possible?? Well our parents, grandparents and people before them did it, and they turned out ok. At least most of them.

God knows I wouldn’t last before finding means of getting one, and a pretty one for that matter, but imagining myself without a phone, this is what I will do different:

  1. I would have to keep a notebook-cum diary- to keep up with the things I plan to do. Then i would have to look at it everyday not to miss a thing.
  2. I will probably have to keep track of the date and day of the week too.
  3. I love taking pictures, or is photographs the right word? No, not just of me, but everything around me too. Okay not everything; why would I take a photo of my bathroom mirror or the mirror in my bedroom?? I mean, what is wrong with facebook?! I’m talking about nature, the perfect sunset, friends, capturing moments on trips or when I’m out site seeing etc. (I bet there’s a certain instagrammer out there who is disappointed because I didn’t mention my food! Hah!) So anyway, I will have to save for a digital camera. Yes, I don’t have one… yet.
  4. I will start using an alarm clock.
  5. I will spend more time on my laptop because of my music, and most important of all, the internet. I might be able, even though it’s just beyond the bounds of possibility, to live without my phone, but I cannot live without the internet. Those assignments and facebook updates are not gonna write themselves!
  6. I have a feeling I will start carrying a book around. Of course I’m talking about a novel, not a biology book. No offence biology, and biology lovers.
  7. As for meetings and meetups, I guess I will use my email a lot, and probably search for the meetup-ee at the venue we decided upon.
  8. I will definitely miss my earphones, since they have grown to be part of my dress code…lol.
  9. But the one thing I am glad would not be happening, and I’m proud to say that it hasn’t before, is tweet via text!
  10. Oh and unfortunately, I will be forced with no other choice, to listen to whatever is playing in the car, bus or matatu. Oh the horror!

P.s: I am not a big fan of Classic FM, or reggae, or Rick Ross, or Octopizzo.

Yeah, life would probably suck.

2 comments on “LIFE WITHOUT MY PHONE

  1. I hope the phone type you are talking about is the same make to the one pictured… 😉

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