So of late I have been a lot less worry-free and a great deal happier than I used to be. I, have learnt the art of getting a hold of my emotions and controlling the outcome of my frame of mind. I also learnt how to look at things in a different way. A better way. The way that suits me. They were right when they said Life is all about perspective; the way you see the world around you shapes your life. Perception, is the key to transformation.

At first it wasn’t easy to do it. The world is often not very nice to everyone and fate, doesn’t do much to help either. So the happy-go lucky kids we used to be develop into this doubtful, scarred and young adults that turn into bitter and resentful grownups. But I refuse to let it happen. Yeah, Life isn’t always fair. We don’t always get what we want. We are going to mess up sometimes. And everyone experiences challenges in this world of ours. Everyone. Letting every setback and misfortune get to me wouldn’t really make my life any easier.

I read a tweet the other day that said, “Stress is caused by giving a fuck”. And guess what, it’s true. We tend to worry too much when something doesn’t go our way, ending up spoiling the mood for everything else. See when you are too upset about certain things, you don’t get to enjoy or even see the good things happening in your life. This doesn’t mean we should become emotionless or callous beings and go all phlegmatic towards everything. Just that we can control the intensity of our emotions towards things. Of course I get mad when somebody lets me down, I get angry and disappointed by people and things too, but I choose to get angry A BIT and be happy A LOT. I have become more understanding of people, optimistic about things and I tend to enjoy most of what life throws my way. Compared to being worked up by everything that doesn’t go ‘right’.  

Yesterday as I was walking around school, at the entrance of the Students Centre, this guy let me go first through the door. I didn’t know if I should be jolly that the guy was being a gentleman or that the guy was totally checking me out. LOL. See what I just did there; two thoughts, both positive. The things that I let get me worried are a hell lot bigger than a guy staring at me, a friend showing up late, me hitting my toe at a table, the waiter getting my order wrong, the guy am walking with momentarily checking out another lass.. And just so you know, my cheerful mood isn’t faked or acted out, I just have a lot of good things going on in my life that I tend to overlook the bad. Or rather I have decided to enjoy and give credit to the good things in my life, and in turn, I barely feel the blow of something not going right as hard as I would have. Life seems a lot more bearable…scratch that…Bright is the word, and all I can see is a good and clear future ahead. I love myself, and sure as hell believe in myself. I wake up with a smile everyday and take each day at a time. I don’t cry because it’s over, I smile because it happened.

Life itself isn’t hard but the lives we create for ourselves are.



  1. That is simply an AWESOME post, I loved every part! Especially when you say that you choose to be angry A BIT and happy a LOT. I also love the part about not letting things like a friend being late or waiter getting the wrong order getting us worked up. Sometimes we allow little meaningless things get to us when there are so many more important stuff to worry about, and it’s just not worth it!

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