If you have noticed of late, I caught a small degree of letter-fever and I keep getting these compelling urges to- as outdated as people claim it to be- Write a letter. And naturally, after the most recent happenings (mini calamity if you ask me) in the football world, I couldn’t help having my say in it. And guess who I’m writing this letter to…

Dear Arsenal Players,

I know you must be a bit surprised as to why after what happened I would decide to write to you. I bet you are all thinking that I should have written to Arsene Wenger instead. Well, my most reasonable explanation right now would be, I am still observing my fasting and I wanna go easy on the insults- which is what would have inevitably filled your Manager’s letter.

Everybody seems to be concentrating on the merchandise, the buyer and the transaction middleman (read as Robin Van Persie, Manchester United and Arsene Wenger), and nobody is currently thinking about the rest of the equation; the rest of the players, RVP’s team-mates and comrades, or rather ex-comrades. It must have been hard on you to learn that your beloved captain would be playing for your open archenemy. That you would meet in the field and for the first time he would be playing against you. That his soul intention on that well mowed- maybe carpeted- field would be to put you all into misery by scoring against you. And that is why we won’t let that happen. We refuse to be put to shame by *stops myself from calling him Judas* RVP.

As treacherous and ridiculous as the Wenger’s act was, as unsettling as the whole saga seems, we shall thrive on. Didn’t we survive the move by Thierry Henry? I know, wasn’t he just the best! Yes, what Wenger did was undeniably extremely unthoughtful. Selling our best player, we can understand. His contracts were over and he wanted to move on, plus your Manager has been having that sell-our-best-player evil syndrome for ages. But selling him to our sworn nemesis?? What good would it do our team by voluntarily strengthening the enemy? The much money offered you say? Is that the reason why he refused to sell RVP to Everton and Manchester City? Well, it’s a bit too late to dwell over that. It’s now our bitter past, and we should forget about it, or at least get over it.

I believe in all of you; (thank God Almunia left) and that is why time and again, I am still a loyal fan of our precious team. Actually to say the truth, it’s Arsenal or No Football for me. Yes, the day I stop being a fan is the day I stop following up on football… As I said before, I believe in you all. I just got a few things I would want you all to get clear and observe. RVP is now on the other team. Let’s not be hasty on the field and cause ourselves total disgrace. It would be devastatingly unfortunate to mistakenly pass him the ball, as we have been doing for the last couple of years. Maybe we should concentrate more on the big AON sign- or is it DHL- on their shirts and ignore their faces. Ignore RVP, Ignore Rooney, Ignore the rest. Play our best in every game, and do what we do best: pick ourselves up after a fall.

My parting shot would be a suggestion and a plea to you all dear players. It’s high time we got out of our comfort zone that is our safe playing and take a risk once in awhile. We have an astounding defense but I’ve noticed we don’t do much of the shooting or striking. Maybe for fear of missing the goalpost? That, we can get over, but I bet it would increase our chances of scoring more goals. I don’t see Wenger’s reluctance of breaking the bank to buy us good players slackening, so we kinda have no choice but putting our best foot forward- literally- if we want any shiny gadgets in our trophy cabinet. I have no doubt a new hero will arise. That’s another thing I love about us. Vieira to Henry to Fabregas, to RVP (as you have noticed, I can’t get myself to write or pronounce his full name anymore)… I am looking forward to know who will successfully take over.

I wish you All the Best in your upcoming matches and seasons.

Forever a Gunner,



  1. lol… another trophyless season.. pity you

  2. hao wasee wajipange, tumechoka jamani. also, why not try this out http://www.pablowest38.wordpress.com

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