All of her worldly possessions that she now owned were stuffed in her green duffel bag. Banishing every single painful memory from her mind, she treaded on with her head held up high. Could a man be so merciless and selfish? Did all those years mean anything to him? Every moment she had spent with him came rushing back. Faltering her movements as she headed towards her destination, her maternal home.

Gone were the days she used to love her husband. Hating him was what she had now become accustomed to. If only she had listened to her friends’ warning. Just the mere thought of her husband’s angry face sent shivers down her spine. Killing him would have been an option if she wasn’t a God-fearing being. Long before her bag had become heavy, she had vowed never to look back. Madness would be the only thing that would take her back to him. Not in a thousand years!

Oblivious of all the people she passed staring at her bruised face and arms, she held onto her bag and didn’t even flinch. Perhaps she was so used to the pain that she couldn’t feel anymore, or maybe all she wanted was to get far away. Questions that her mother would ask her were already answered in her mind. “Raymond is my past now.” She uttered loudly to herself.

Two years down the line and he had not changed. Under that warm and handsome face lay a man full of deception and disappointment. Vows of loving and cherishing her no longer mattered to him. Why she would stay with him, was a question she didn’t have an answer to anymore. X chromosomes’ abundance in her genes was not going to make her the weaker human any longer. Years of tears were long gone. Zoey was going home, where she belonged.


Note from the writer: And that was the A to Z of the story.. (look closely)

12 comments on “NEVER LOOKING BACK

  1. And I thank SBC for this!! 😉

  2. Wow, great post. A good one making note of all the alphabet’s letters….#iLike

  3. wow dis z realy creative, cnt wait 2 read tha nxt thng u post u truely a gud at dis

  4. okay..this is pretty good. l am so looking forward to challenging you now:]

  5. genius dear. i lyk

  6. On the real though, this was just brilliant. Gone through it a couple of times now…

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