A Calamity Or a Wake up Call? (Nyeri edition)

Wonders will never cease. And I’m not talking about the 7 wonders of
the world! Whenever we hear a case about a violent relationship, it’s
usually the man mistreating or mishandling the woman. But lo and
behold, things have changed and tables have turned. Of late we’ve been
hearing quite a number of cases where the woman does the beating. Some
call it husband battery, some man-abuse, but I, I call it

Why i call it so is because i don’t really know if I should pity and
feel sorry for the men being mistreated by their women, or just enjoy
seeing the chicken get back at the hawk. For decades, maybe centuries,
the women (and children) have been on the receiving end of such
mistreatment. The world considers the female as the weaker sex and
bestow the male with so much power over her. I don’t dispute such
delegations because I believe women are weaker so that men can protect
them, and men have more power hence should be better leaders, the
heads. This should never be reason enough to beat or mishandle a
woman, whether she was on the wrong or not.

I believe hitting a woman is the lowest a man could go considering the
fact that they claim to be smarter and more brave. And because of
this, I tend to think such men are not only unjust, but also cowards.
We don’t hear cases of men fighting lions or bears or giants (David
and Goliath excluded) but we hear a lot of cases of men hitting women,
the ‘weaker’ beings. How gutless of them.

Now the sad part about all this is that cases of beating women have
happened so many times till it’s almost considered ‘normal’, not
unusual. I mean why else would the country react the way it has
because the beaten has become the beater? That is why such cases have
become the talk of the country, the biggest news. That is why an
incident of a man beaten by a woman would make headlines and will be
given the first whole page of the newspaper, while a case of a woman
being raped or a girl molested or wife battery would get a small
portion at the back cover right at the corner.

Now that men are being beaten by their wives, does it make it a bigger
crime? An amusement definitely; but something that should shake the
whole country, I think not! The women are said to be thrashing their
men because of irresponsibility, neglect of their duties, or
unfaithfulness. If you ask me, i’m thinking they’re getting exactly
what they deserve. Now don’t get me wrong, i’m not for human battery
at all, but as they say Experience is the best teacher. Maybe now, men
will think twice before raising a hand to a woman. Maybe men will now
see that a bee can kill a bird, a fish can out run a shark and a woman
can do the same. Women don’t hit men or mistreat others because they
can’t, but because they choose NOT to. Apparently we know more about
wrong and right. Maybe it’s high time men should do the same.


5 comments on “A Calamity Or a Wake up Call? (Nyeri edition)

  1. hey 🙂 i agree with lots of stuff here but not all of it. the gender based violence cannot be justified. your anger on how the country reacted towards the nyeri incidents is baseless since as evidenced from the social networks people were amused rather than appaled. with FIDA in mind, women help groups get way better funding than men, not that i support the beating, no. but had it been nyeri men doing the thrashing, so many demonstrations would have been held to that effect.

  2. forget the violence, look at the university entry criteria. girls are lowered the points by even two, when applying for jobs, women are given more consideration and better benefits THOUGH they will never get managerial positions (its called the ceiling glass effect) and some managers hire more women for reasons best known to them. sexual harrassment cases are more severe on men than women. the debate can make a full blog post but who needs that. i aint contradicting u, just saying 🙂

  3. haha that leaves a debate….:O

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