Johnny woke up with a start to the sound of complete silence and smell
of spirits. Lets not talk about the smell of his reeky breath. He
tried to sit up and succeeded but tried to stand up and failed. After
several attempts, he finally got to his feet. It was at dawn. Looking
around,all he could see was stripped yellow wooden seats and tables
under outdoor patio umbrellas. The place was not a small compound and
the building at the furthest end from the gate now looked abit
deserted. Little by little he started recalling where he was, how he
got there and what happened there the previous night, all through the
night till he blacked out. Memories of lotsa alcohol drinking, a few
girls, loud music and a lot of staggering around (what he thought was
dancing to the beat) came flashing back. Yes, he knew exactly where he
was; The Students Centre Annex.

To the many Johnnys out there, that’s how they spend some if not most
of their friday night and saturday night; at the famous ‘luxurious’
K.U gin mill. I call it luxurious because I doubt if there is another
public Kenyan university with such a drinking joint, in the school
compound, built by the school, as good as our Annex. You got to admit,
it is also way cooler than the old one that was demolished. It is now
bigger, cleaner, has more drinks variety, louder and better music and it even has a dance floor! It doesn’t look like an extension of KM or a spot you would find in
the middle of a dark alley, anymore. Somebody else would even say ‘it
has more swag’. Did I mention the new large blue gate and a post
across the road with its name boldly printed.. Yes, it is now
officially part and parcel of the school buildings. And I’m certain
that a big portion of the male student population in K.U are undoubtly
greatful  to Mugenda for having invested in such a joint.

What I haven’t completely understood is why it was baptised the name
‘Annex’. According to google, annex is an attachment, addition or
extension to something bigger or more important. It is also the
appendix at the end of most books and reports. So keeping the online
dictionary in mind, physically speaking, our annex could be an
extension or attachment of the… Art complex?? Or maybe the
accomodation offices? It beats me. I thought it would have been given
a more practical and appropriate name like K.U Ale House, or Nyayo
Night Spot, or Yellow Seats Tavern or even Western Zone Drinking
Establishment (I know, it sounds like something P.L.O would say). It’s
obvious whoever was contacted for the name wasn’t a creative chap or
young for that matter.

Nevertheless, I think it’s more safe since nobody would be drinking
and driving anywhere close by; it’s comfortable since the victims
would blackout on the K.U short and probably mowed grass; and it’s
kinda legal since no one will be arrested for gracing the
establishment in the wee hours of the night. Now I wouldn’t ask why
the school decided to build such a spot, but me being me, I do have a
theory. Thanks to the Students Centre Annex, I believe that there is
going to be a lot less striking of the students over them being
neglected or anything related. Especially with our school’s remarkable
and viscious striking history. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not supporting
the drinking and the evidently increasing number of drunkards in our
university. I’m just saying, even a broken clock, is right twice a


By a K.U Non-drinking Student- Me.



  1. A description so detailed and vivid betrays the claim that you dont drink.good work!

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