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Sometimes it sucks being a girl, just sometimes..

Sometimes, just sometimes, I think it’s pretty easy being a guy. You know, keeping it all cool, no intense feelings or emotions, not taking much crap or caution. I mean they can walk through fire and rain, and still come out with the same expression on their faces, and with nothing much to say.

A girl on the other hand, lets just say we are quite a handful. I constantly find the need to think too much about something, read too much into everything and go around worrying nonstop about nothing. But I can’t help it, I’m a girl.

Boys let it go and block away the archives they wanna take less care of. And they do it with so much ease. It’s like pie, or falling off a log; Easy. And sometimes, just sometimes, I wish I would say the same to us girls. I think we hold on too long, we carry around too much and we never know when to let go. It’s harder to get over things, to walk away, to trust, to believe, to not worry, to not think, to leave it at that. We don’t know how to have faith in something and stay that way. We find it hard to believe and keep it that way. We constantly need reassurance and a reminder of what is. Sometimes it’s even hard for us to see what is. We can’t help it, that’s what makes us girls.

Don’t I just hate it when I start becoming almost paranoid and start to read too much into everything. Just because of one thing, one issue. It could be a thought, it could be what somebody said, it could be a place, it could be a guy. Don’t I loath the moment when I can’t control my every move, thoughts or emotions. Don’t you just abhor the thought of trying too much to prove so little? It’s like a sixth sense of some sort, it’s like we cant help it. I guess it’s because we are girls.

You wonder why we are moody?  You wonder why we talk too much? (oh this one I like!).  You wonder why we see a lot into things? You wonder why we got killer instincts? Why we take forever to decide? Why we don’t stick to it even after we do? Why we don’t know what we want, at the same time want exactly what we want? Why we sometimes ask for too much? Why we sometimes take things too seriously? Why we fall off too easily..Why we fall in so blindly..Why we care too much..Why we just want to be..There’s only one good answer to all this; we are girls. It’s in our DNA.

We don’t know how to act like we don’t care. We don’t have the power to stop what we can hardly bare. We constantly do what we do, because it’s what we find ourselves doing. Whether it’s fair or not fair, whether it’s conventional or irrational. We can be clumsy, we can be dumb sometimes, we can be lied to easily,  we can be hard on others unintentionally. We are indecisive, we can be possessive, and we definitely can be incitive. Just don’t take it personally, we are just girls.

So maybe sometimes, just sometimes, it sucks being a girl. But it is what it is.

P.s: It’s completely normal and definitely legal


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